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Chance The Rapper Offered Up An Internship On Twitter And People Are Super Serious About It

Beats the average summer job, right?

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On Monday, Grammy winner Chance the Rapper told his followers he was looking for an intern.

I'm looking for an intern, someone with experience in putting together decks and writing proposals

Experience in putting together decks and writing proposals... like marriage proposals? Law proposals?

And naturally, a lot of people were interested.

@chancetherapper 2nd year law student in Chicago looking for a summer job!

Several people listed their qualifications.

@chancetherapper Chance, I graduated from @UofPenn's biz school w/ a bachelor's in Econ. I concentrated in entrepre…

@chancetherapper yo, Chance! I can do both. I'm graduating this may and would work paid or unpaid for the experience! DMA are open

One girl even went far enough to include her resumé.

@chancetherapper filmmaker photographer minority does social media v good at decks 👀

Others sent their LinkedIn profiles.


UPDATE: Chance updated his submission guidelines through a follow up quote tweet.

I want intern resumes formatted as creative decks, pitches or proposals

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