18 Of The Greatest Life Lessons You Can Learn From Video Games

If you want to grow tall, eat your mushrooms. Answers from this Reddit thread.

1. On making wise investments.

2. On your work ethic.

Blizzard Entertainment / Via nargaque.com / reddit.com

3. On priorities.

4. On learning to face reality.

Brøderbund / Via old-games.com / reddit.com

5. On how to make career choices.

Electronic Arts / Via davidchess.com / reddit.com

6. On budgeting.

Activision / Via pcgamer.com / reddit.com

7. On how to get ahead in life.

8. On stranger danger.

Nintendo / Via mobygames.com / reddit.com

9. On improving yourself.

Namco Bandai Games / Via nextgengamingblog.com / reddit.com

10. On cleanliness.

Sierra Entertainment / Via half-life.wikia.com / reddit.com

11. On how cutting corners doesn’t help anyone.

Nintendo / Via dan-dare.org / reddit.com

12. On the value of good manners.

2K Games / Via hexus.net / reddit.com

13. On how to deal with difficult personalities.

14. On the horrors of war and conflict.

Bethesda Softworks / Via thedarkwheel.co.uk / reddit.com

15. On fire safety.

Electronic Arts / Via julianguyen.org / reddit.com

16. On being a team player.

Valve Corporation / Via hostilecontact.com / reddit.com

17. On always looking forward.

Nintendo / Via reddit.com

18. On resourcefulness.

Google / Via reddit.com

Check out the entire thread here.

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