18 Of The Greatest Life Lessons You Can Learn From Video Games

    If you want to grow tall, eat your mushrooms. Answers from this Reddit thread.

    1. On making wise investments.

    2. On your work ethic.

    3. On priorities.

    4. On learning to face reality.

    5. On how to make career choices.

    6. On budgeting.

    7. On how to get ahead in life.

    8. On stranger danger.

    9. On improving yourself.

    10. On cleanliness.

    11. On how cutting corners doesn't help anyone.

    12. On the value of good manners.

    13. On how to deal with difficult personalities.

    14. On the horrors of war and conflict.

    15. On fire safety.

    16. On being a team player.

    17. On always looking forward.

    18. On resourcefulness.

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