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Petra Nemcova Can Make People Drool Even When She's Not In The Room

Her hotness will put you in NEMCOMA. The supermodel held a Reddit AMA today.

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Nemcova did a Reddit AMA on Monday, meant to raise awareness for her organization Happy Hearts Fund, which has rebuilt 85 schools to date since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Happy Hearts Fund / Via

Nemcova lost her fiancé in the disaster, and started the Happy Hearts Fund in 2006.


On the tsunami and her philanthropic efforts following the event.

Roger Kisby / Getty Images

ThePeachyPanda: At what point during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami did you realize that you were in danger? Did you hear about it on the news first or did you witness the tsunami first?

PN: There was no warning at all. Everything happened within seconds. First I heard people screaming and then the whole bungalow which I was in with my partner started to crumble from the tsunami waves.

Given that you've accomplished so much in both your professional and humanitarian pursuits, what's your proudest achievement? And/or what's your next big goal or dream?

PN: Knowing that children who went through so much trauma during a natural disaster and were forgotten...for many months and sometimes years now have disaster proof the proudest achievement for me and the happy hearts fund team.My next dream for Happy Hearts and beyond is my goal to create sustained response after natural disaster so children are not forgotten for so many years.

On beauty.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

vertigounconscious: Do you ever find it difficult to be an incredibly beautiful woman? Where does it become a disadvantage?

PN: Every disadvantage can become an advantage, it is dependent on what you do with it. For example, in primary school I was the tallest of all the girls and boys in the classroom. I didn’t like it. It was a disadvantage but became an advantage in my modeling career. In terms of beauty, when people see me they may quickly put me in a box. But when they meet me I get my way out of the box. Beauty for me became a tool to open doors. Embrace all the gifts you get from life they are there for a reason.

On what it was like to be on Dancing With The Stars

readcommentbackwards: In reality, how tough is Dancing with the Stars? How much time did you put in daily/weekly for learning the routine?

PN: It was 8 hours every single day. No days off. And after each day as well there were many interviews. It was the whole spectrum it was hard and painful and on the other end actually exciting and rewarding!

And of course, on being a model for Sports Illustrated.

Sports Illustrated / Via

vertigounconscious: What's the average SI shooting day like?

PN: It is hot in the morning, hotter during the day, and hottest at night. And the bikinis just get smaller and smaller.

TumorPizza: For being an SI Legend, do you get any kind of acknowledgement - like a World Series Ring or something?

PN: I like your idea. Great thinking I will talk to the SI people. All we get now is the SI Legend title which makes me feel extremely lucky and at the same time extremely old. My friend Quincy Jones is called a legend he just turned 81. What are you trying to say? ;)

And, on her feelings about swimsuits in general...which effectively turned Reddit into a pool of drool.

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

baddozer: What's your favorite swim suit style?

PN: The one which you are given at birth. ;)