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Patton Oswalt Spoofed "True Detective" And It Was Perfection

"Is the Yellow King my Xbox nickname? I don't know."

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Patton Oswalt did his Rust Cohle impression to promote his Comedy Central special Tragedy + Comedy = Time and he nailed it.

Comedy Central /

He was philosophical.

Comedy Central / Via

He was incredibly profound in how he processed life.

Comedy Central / Via

And even a little vulnerable.

Comedy Central / Via

He even smoked like Rust Cohle.

Comedy Central / Via

And was clearly just as lost and disillusioned.

Comedy Central / Via

He knew the five dimensions of the world which proved he was smarter than the rest of us.

Comedy Central / Via

And he knew his rights. Like a badass.

Comedy Central / Via

Even Matthew McConaughey would've recognized.

HBO / Via

Check it out.

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