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33 Awe-Inspiring Bridges You Need To Cross In Your Lifetime

See you on the other side. This list was inspired by these answers on Quora.

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The Latin phrase "Suspensa Vix Via Fit" is inscribed on the Leigh Woods pier on one end of the bridge; freely translated it means "a suspended way made with difficulty."


According to legend, there once was a couple walking across when the wife was swept away by a crab spirit. The husband's cries moved a river-dwelling flower dragon and the dragon caught the spirit and reunited the couple. Hence, this bridge has been a rendezvous for lovers.


The original bridge, destroyed in 1993 by Croat forces, had been designed by Mimar Hayreddin. He'd been ordered to construct this bridge with unprecedented dimensions, and he would've been executed if he'd failed. On the day the scaffolding was to be removed, Hayreddin had his funeral planned — just in case.

Every third Saturday of October, the Fayette County of Commerce hosts a festival called Bridge Day, during which the bridge is open to pedestrians and a series of extreme sports, including BASE jumping.

Las Lajas bridge provides access to the chapel and hangs over a gorge, but the spot was chosen because many a miracle allegedly took place here — including giving sight to a blind man and the manifestation of Virgin Mary.

This once royal residence is a castle built over the River Cher, and is also known as the “Château des Dames” for the famous women of history who have loved, protected, and expanded it.

Suspended in mid-air by three helium balloons, the bridge (which translates to "Monkey Bridge"), claimed artist Olivier Grossetête, could hold the weight of one human. The installation, however, remained off-limits to pedestrians during its exhibition at the 2012 Tatton Park Biennial.


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