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  • Freaky 3D Sculptures Made of Photos

    Korean sculptor Gwon Osang creates amazing life-size sculptures from THOUSANDS of photographs of the original subjects by overlaying them onto lightweight life-sized mannequins, achieving an effect that is uniquely surreal. Recent subjects include the band Keane to promote their album Perfect Symmetry.

  • Forget Numbers: Sequel Titles Get Shorter

    Remember the good old days when a movie sequel just added “2” to the original title? Well, Fast and Furious, the sequel to The Fast and the Furious, has broken new ground in sequel title history. has some excellent suggestions for future sequels.

  • Psychic Medium: I Prefer My Psychics Well-Done

    Why is this man wearing a white afro motorcycle helmet? Why is he holding a hawk? Does he ride his motorcycle with the hawk, and, if so, how does he shift gears? The caption at the bottom of the photo reads: “Available at better dealers worldwide.” What exactly is available? The helmet? The hawk? The motorcycle? The man?!? View Image ›

  • Über-Patriotic Bookshelves

    Love the U.S.? Love books? For the first time, Ron Arad presents the ultimate centerpiece for the patriotic bibliophile. His work entitled Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends is part of an exhibition of his new works at Timothy Taylor Gallery, April 8 - May 9, 2009. View Image ›

  • Not Dead, Just Napping

    And you thought the Alien Face-Sucker Plushies were sick and wrong. Keetra just took scaring your loved ones to a whole new level.

  • An AWESOME Book!

    Dallas Clayton’s first book, and although it’s written as a children’s book, adults will appreciate it, too. The illustrations are awesome. The story is awesome. And you can see the entire book on his website (use the bottom scroll bar).

  • M.I.A.: Ikhyd, NOT Ickitt

    M.I.A. releases the “real” name of her baby, and it’s not “Ickitt.” According to the birth certificate, the little boy’s name is Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman. Yeah, because there’s a HUGE difference between “Ickitt” and “Ikhyd.” His nickname is still going to be “Icky.” Icky Barfman. SCARRED FOR LIFE.

  • Rock from Mars is ALIVE!

    Okay, so it’s not really from Mars, but it’s still cool. Burning mercury thiocyanide creates a large volume of ash, much larger than the piece itself, which makes it appear as if it’s growing. Watch Video ›

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