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    15 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

    Quite the collection.

    1. Madonna went to the gym on crutches.

    2. Danielle Lloyd showed off her bruises from filming Tom Daley's Splash!

    3. Kelly Brook cuddled up to her new rumoured boyfriend.

    4. Joey Essex painted himself gold.

    5. Rita Ora wished Kate Moss happy 40th birthday with this kissing picture.

    6. While Cara Delevingne kissed a tiger.

    7. Beyonce shared numerous throwback pictures.

    8. Lily Allen flew to Africa to shoot her new music video.

    9. And rode a zebra.

    10. Tulisa dyed her hair black and gave her best pout.

    11. Cheryl Cole shared a fan's tattoo of her.

    12. While Justin Bieber added to his own ink collection.

    13. Victoria Beckham announced she's opening her first store in London.

    14. Jessie J enjoyed some sun.

    15. And Harry Styles ate some eggs... and 669,000 people liked it.