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34 Times The "Game Of Thrones" Stars Made You Want To Be In Their Squad

Friendship is coming.

1. The Game of Thrones stars aren't just colleagues trying to kill one another on screen.

2. They're also the best of friends off screen.

3. Whether they're putting their differences aside once the cameras have stopped rolling.

4. Or partying in London together.

5. Like the best of friends.

6. They just love hanging out.

7. Whether it's a spot of sightseeing.

8. Or down the local pub.

9. They're always there for one another.

10. No matter what.

11. They bring the best out in each other.

12. Even if it means biting each other's hats.

13. They're the ultimate squad.

14. Out in force time after time.

Getty Images Jamie McCarthy

15. As if they were real brothers.

16. They'll go to basketball games together.

Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

17. And gigs.

18. They'll steal each other's phones for photo ops.

19. And go everywhere together.

20. Because every moment is a cherished one.

21. Even when in character.

22. They'll look after each other on set.

23. And prank each other off set.

Getty Images Kevin Winter

24. Because they all have a special bond.

25. Which can't be beaten.

Getty Images Ethan Miller

26. Whether at press events.

Getty Images Handout

27. Or even when they're travelling together.

28. There is no fighting in the real world.

29. Just a lot of love for each other.

Sibel Kekilli >> ๐Ÿ’— one of my favourite people

30. Whoever they are on screen.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

31. Off screen they bring the best out in each other.

32. Because they are the ultimate squad goal.

33. Seriously.

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