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Zayn Malik Turned Up At Paris Fashion Week With His New White Hair

Will the real Zayn Malik please stand up?

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It's been two weeks since Zayn Malik revealed to the world that he's bleached his hair white.

And so far this was all we had seen of it.

But now he has FINALLY shown it off properly so we can see it in all its glory.

But there was, of course, one inevitable comparison.

Everyone's likening him to Eminem.

Sorry Zayn Malik but Eminem is the only guy who can pull off the bleach blonde hair


Zayn going through his Eminem phase

zayn looks like eminem circa the real slim shady


It's pretty uncanny, tbf.

...why is zayn copying eminem's hairstyle

Zayn left One Direction to become Eminem.

why is everyone comparing eminem & zayn?? just bc they both dyed there hair blonde doesn't make either one better then the other.