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For Everyone Who's A Little Bit In Love With Dustin From "Stranger Things"

Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?

Unless you've been living under a rock you must have come across Netflix's latest hit show, Stranger Things.

And if you haven't yet, YOU MUST SEE IT. Go home and watch it, finish the whole season, and don't scroll down before you have.

Got it? OK, got it.

Each and every character is pretty damn amazing.

And SURE, Barb was a stand-out Queen.

Major complaint about 'Stranger Things': Not enough Barb

1. But can we all PLEASE take a moment to appreciate Dustin?

2. Because he is the best character, no questions.

3. He's arguably the smartest out of all the smart kids.


And there are a lot of smart kids in this show.

4. Sometimes he can be a bit too much of a smart arse.


5. But he mainly speaks a lot of truths.

6. He understands everything about friendship.


7. And isn't afraid to speak up when someone's crossed the line.


8. Especially when they're being immature.


9. In fact, he's always putting people in their places.

10. And doesn't take no for an answer.

11. In fact, he can always be relied on to come out with some of the best lines of the whole show.

12. He creates diversions to stop his friends from getting in trouble.


13. And is hilarious without even realizing it.


14. Especially when thinking on his feet.


15. His priorities are always right.


16. And his love of food brings us pure joy.




18. He's just the most adorable.

19. And the best friend anyone could hope for.

20. Because he's Dustin.


21. And he basically rocks.