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What's The Most Ridiculous TV Show Error You've Ever Spotted?

Tell us the best mistakes you've seen on your favourite television shows.

We've all got our favourite TV shows that we obsess over and watch with intense scrutiny.

And although they are of course perfect in our eyes, there are sometimes some ~errors~ that have accidentally been left in.

For example, in this Breaking Bad shot when a camera man is seen for a split second.

Or you may have spotted some pretty funny continuity errors. Did you realise that the apartments in Friends change numbers? They were apartments 4 and 5, but eventually end up being 19 and 20.

In fact, Friends had a few mistakes over the years. Like when this Monica stand-in actor was left in shot.

It even happens to our favourite animations. See this phone wire magically disappear in The Simpsons?

What's the best mistake you've seen on your favourite TV show?

It could be a continuity error, something in shot that shouldn't have been there, or a plot hole. Tell us about them in the comments, preferably with pictures to demonstrate the moments you mean, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!