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    Two Londoners Have Reconstructed All Of Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen's Twitter Pictures

    Well, someone clearly has too much time on their hands.

    As we all know, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are best mates. And awesome at joint Twitter photos during their current stay in New York.

    So two guys, Matt Renton (Ian McKellen) and John Wybar (Patrick Stewart), decided to reconstruct all of their Twitter photos but around sites in London.

    1. From drinking ale in pubs.

    2. To crouching by bins in back streets.

    3. To sightseeing on high buildings. (Monument vs. Empire State Building).

    4. Even dressing as lobsters in baths. (Forest Gate vs. NYC).

    5. To eating. (Borough Market vs. Nathan's in Coney Island).

    Twitter: @oil_of_oleg / Twitter: @SirPatStew

    Yes, that's a pepper on the left. Corn is out of season, alright?

    6. From running across bridges. (London Bridge vs. NYC).

    7. To posing with statues. (Mayfair vs. Stonewall).

    8. Homies Forever, y'all.

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