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    21 Shows Fans Mourning "Game Of Thrones" Will Probably Really Enjoy

    It's going to be a loooong wait for season 8.

    Game of Thrones may have only just finished, but we're already completely lost with what to do with ourselves until it returns next year. So we asked the BuzzFeed Community to suggest shows we can watch to help tide us over during the long winter ahead. Here are their best suggestions...

    1. The Last Kingdom

    2. Outlander

    3. Medici: Masters of Florence

    4. Preacher

    5. The 100

    6. The White Queen

    7. Penny Dreadful

    8. Harlots

    9. Spartacus

    10. Westworld

    11. The Tudors

    12. American Horror Story

    13. Vikings

    14. The Americans

    15. Mr Robot

    16. Black Sails

    17. Sense8

    18. Merlin

    19. Victoria

    20. Rewatch seasons 1-7!

    21. And if you really are just missing Game of Thrones too much then... read the books! (And read them again if you already have).

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