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21 Shows Fans Mourning "Game Of Thrones" Will Probably Really Enjoy

It's going to be a loooong wait for season 8.

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Game of Thrones may have only just finished, but we're already completely lost with what to do with ourselves until it returns next year. So we asked the BuzzFeed Community to suggest shows we can watch to help tide us over during the long winter ahead. Here are their best suggestions...

1. The Last Kingdom

Carnival Film and Television

"It's really good. Lots of the same feels. Just no dragons or fantasy. It's more historical fact based. But really really good." –Anastasia Beaverhausen

"I can't even write a blurb for it. It's just that good. And an easier watch than GoT. It's got all the excitement without the pain." –jessiea49c6bfdf6

2. Outlander


"It's historical fiction mixed with fantasy and romance. There are only 2 seasons, the third is starting in September. If you like hot guys with swords, historical political drama, fantasy elements, and some intense romance scenes, then Outlander is your show." –rebeccaf29

"Outlander!!! Magic (time travel not dragons), war and blood (a real war the Jacobite uprising of 1745), a real sadistic asshole you can hate (Black Jack Randall gives Ramsay Bolton a run for his money and is played by Tobias Menzies aka Edmure Tully from GoT), political intrigue and scheming, and the absolute most gorgeous fictional Scot, James Alexander Malcom Mackenzie Fraser. Seriously, it's similar to Game of Thrones, but more female friendly. Claire is a strong independent woman who doesn't take any crap from anyone and the sex scenes are fantastic. Seriously, watch this show!" –emilyb432725fe2


3. Medici: Masters of Florence

Lux Vide

"Medici: Masters of Florence – a Netflix show that tells the story of Cosimo de' Medici (played by Richard Madden who also used to be in Game of Thrones) taking over the family bank and maintaining power in the Signoria after his father, Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici, is killed. All the while Cosimo tries to maintain and build up the family's power, he tries to figure out who murdered his father. It also provides flashbacks of Cosimo's grooming to become the head of the bank. More than just about finances, it also goes through his personal life – his first love, his wife, and even the feud between his family and another powerful one." –gabriellal4ab759ac8

5. The 100

Warner Bros. Television

"It's got the drama, violence, and world building of Game of Thrones. It starts off as a teenager show but goes dark pretty fast. Highly recommend!" –dov5e

"If you enjoy how Game of Thrones emphasizes shades of gray, and that there may not be good or bad guys, this show is for you. Diverse cast, strong female leaders, and unpredictable, it gets better every season. You'll be hooked after episode 4. All seasons are now on Netflix so enjoy binge watching!" –kaitlins4ef8ec16a

6. The White Queen

Company Pictures

"George R. R. Martin loosely based some of the events of Game of Thrones on the War of the Roses, which The White Queen depicts. It's such a bingeable show, and Henry is fiiiiiine." –sarahleeroyj

"The White Queen, and then The White Princess. They take place during the War of the Roses, and have all the violence, politics, sex, and scandal that Game of Thrones has. And Game of Thrones was definitely inspired by the York/Lancaster rivalry. If I remember correctly, there's even some incest involved!" –emmab4b834e01f


7. Penny Dreadful

Neal Street Productions

"Penny Dreadful is the bomb. Imagine all your fave literary monsters meeting up with one another like League of Extraordinary Gentleman but with more drama, more horror, more suspense, and some crazy ass sex/sexual scenes. Frankenstein (and his monster), Dorian Gray, and vampires and werewolves all tied in with a beautiful period piece setting. Plus did I mention it has Eva Green and James Bond (Timothy Dalton) in it?" –fabfourdarling

8. Harlots

ITV Studios

"A great historical show set in 1760s London focusing on sex workers – all the intrigue and drama spanning high – and lowbrow players and costume porn you loved in Thrones, but set in the past and centered on women without any of the rape glorification and whorephobia that makes you feel queasy about Thrones (plus: some great black and queer representation thrown in). Honestly better than Thrones IMO, only 8 episodes (perfect for a binge), and a second season coming to Hulu really soon!" –sarahl4e39bbbc0

9. Spartacus


"It's so goddamn good and unfortunately underrated. It has a lot of parallels to Game of Thrones so fans will be able to binge the whole show while waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones. I'm telling you you won't regret it!" –LonelyCat

10. Westworld


"Wonderfully mysterious with twists you don't see coming. Season 1 is out now and season 2 will be coming back to HBO in 2018. Just like GoT, I got sucked into the universe and can't wait for more!!" –karyt2

"It immediately sucks you in and all the characters and storylines are complex and layered, and the entire season will keep you guessing!" –alliec41a11a1d8


13. Vikings

MGM Television

"Vikings!! I started Thrones before season 6 aired, and found Vikings to hold me over until the premier. This show has so many of the same themes, with all of the action, drama, violence, humor, and romance!" –annaw4c77f5b44

"Very underrated show, definitely worth watching." –livb4aeb3db20

14. The Americans

20th Television

"For those interested in historical time pieces, I aggressively recommend The Americans. The Soviet-era spy drama has received so much critical acclaim, and yet I know so few people actually watch it. It's tragic tbh because the characters have been crafted so beautifully, and every episode has this feeling of slow-burning intensity coupled with phenomenal musical selection. Keri Russell's character (Elizabeth) is the ultimate female heroine." –elexp


15. Mr Robot

NBCUniversal Television

"The characters are complex, the cinematography is amazing, and the plot twists mess with your mind. Seasons one and two are streaming on Amazon Prime so you could be caught up in time when season three premieres in October." –blink1sadie2

16. Black Sails

Starz Original

"Black Sails has all the violence, sex, and intrigue we GoT fans need." –beautifullyoblivious

"Based on my instalove/lust for Sam (Tarwell)'s brother, aka Tom Hopper, Black Sails is in my to-watch list." –AllyB

17. Sense8


"It's got a lot of characters and storylines that all intertwine. And it has a fantastical element to it. Not to mention amazing sex scenes and action scenes." –marissaz4fece125d

"Watch Sense8 for an all-around amazing show with diversity, action, romance, soul, and and amazing plot." –Saskia Frank, Facebook

18. Merlin


"I mean, if you want that fantasy stuff, Merlin from the BBC is perfect. It has a lot of GoT actors as guest stars, which is great, because it's like a family friendly version of Game of Thrones." –Megan Dykeman, Facebook


19. Victoria


"Watch Victoria, for a short historical escape (the latest episode, also has Diana Rigg, so anyone missing The Queen of Thorns, can find solace from their lack of the Sassy Queen)." –Saskia Frank, Facebook

20. Rewatch seasons 1-7!


"Just rewatch the damn thing. It's too frustratingly good of a show not to and there's so many details that are easily missed." –fabfourdarling

"Rewatch Game of Thrones from the beginning!!" –jessicak411e32390

"How about just rewatch seasons 1-7!!" –meekm2

"Or, ya know, just rewatch it again starting at Season 1, and look for clues that Bran is the Night King." –Paul Strach, Facebook

"Game of Thrones again from the beginning. It's seriously super rewarding to rewatch. It's easier to follow and spot things you've missed, like all of Littlefinger's machinations. And Especially interesting to see all the things season 7 called back to, like the brotherhood selling Gendry, Tyrian and Davos on opposite sides of Blackwater, or Sam and Bran meeting at the wall." –buzzcat99

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