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31 Times Comedians Were Just Really Fucking Funny About Life In Britain

"This is the British way, you think 'prick', you say 'tut'."

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1. When Michael McIntyre had this to say.

2. And when they went to town on this picture of David Cameron on Mock the Week.

3. When Jon Richardson tried to put himself in the Queen's shoes.

4. And Frankie Boyle had this take on Prince Harry.

5. In fact, there's plenty to say on the royal family it turns out.

6. Like Russell Howard on if the Queen had a personal Twitter account.

7. And this on Prince William's stag do.

8. When the British weather became a laughing topic.

9. As well as snow days.

10. When the (then) new 5p plastic bag charge came up.

11. When Frankie Boyle explained why Scotland stopped recycling after the 2015 general election.

12. And summed up British colonial history this concisely.

13. When Russell Howard succinctly summed up British university life.

14. This, on posh British baby names:

15. When Jack Whitehall found a new thing to be proud about in Britain.

16. David Mitchell's take on the criminal justice system in the country.

17. This summary of British enthusiasm.

18. When Frankie Boyle said what Neil Buchanan was probably thinking every single week on Art Attack.

19. And Michael McIntyre had this take on Dragon's Den.

20. While Sarah Millican pointed this out on another British TV show.

21. And Frankie had this to say on our love of singing reality shows.

22. When Romesh Ranganathan discussed the call for more people to go vegetarian.

23. And Dara O'Briain took the piss out of this tweet.

24. When Frankie had this twinning city idea.

25. Russell Howard discussed some of our biggest celebrity deaths of January 2016.

26. And our obsession with celeb magazines.

27. This, on British traditions:

28. When they mocked British intelligence on Have I Got News For You.

29. When this was pointed out about Boris Johnson.

30. This Harry Potter reference.

31. And when Charlie Brooker picked holes in the evolution of the English language.