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    Tulisa Answers 43 Rapid-Fire Questions About Herself

    Including demonstrating her secret party trick, her amazing accents, and her best piece of advice.

    Rebecca Hendin/BuzzFeed

    Tulisa Contostavlos has added many strings to her bow over the last few years. You might know her as part of successful hip hop trio N-Dubz, or as a solo singer, or an X Factor judge, or indeed a star who unfortunately became tabloid fodder in 2013. But however you know Tulisa, she's certainly had a whirlwind of a life in the last 28 years. And she's not slowing down anytime soon.

    This week she made her return to music and on Friday she releases a new single, her own version of Shanks & Bigfoot's 2000 classic "Sweet Like Chocolate". So we invited the singer into BuzzFeed UK to find out a little bit more about her. And aside from being very honest, down to earth and lovely, she was also a lot of fun.

    Here's what went down...


    1. What’s your favourite colour?

    Purple, lilac.

    2. Favourite pizza topping?

    Oh, don't get me started! It's either margherita or it's pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms, and jalapenos...and black olives.

    3. Favourite chocolate bar?


    4. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

    Ha, I'm a night owl. I'm a massive night owl, yeah.

    5. What’s the last album you bought?

    Last album? Oh god. I'm more into my singles these days.

    6. How about the last single then?

    Blinkie – "Don't Give Up (On Love)"


    7. Favourite song of all time?

    Prodigy – "Smack My Bitch Up". [Bursts out laughing]


    8. What fashion item from the '00s do you miss most?

    Good question. [makes tying a scarf on her head action]

    9. Favourite vegetable?

    [thinks, asks PA] Gareth, what is my favourite vegetable?! I eat a lot of veg!

    Gareth: Mixed veg, there you go, all of it in one.

    Tulisa: Erm, broccoli. Probably broccoli.

    10. Puppies or kittens?

    [goes all gooey] Puppies...and kittens! I'm an animal lover.


    11. Who’s the last person to have texted you?

    Probably Gareth. [points at PA and jokes] "Hurry up." "I'm in traffic."

    12. Favourite dance move?


    The tick tock! I'm not showing you! It's a bit like a belly flick, a bit like a twerk but more round in a circle, ticking.

    13. Favourite sport?

    To watch or play?

    However you would like to answer!

    Erm, badminton, to play.

    14. Best chat-up line?

    Oh I don't know, I don't really chat people up. I just smile at 'em! Just give them the eye. Guys are supposed to come to you! Girls aren't meant to chat up the guys! But if I had to... I don't think I say much, it's just all in the eyes. Just give them that look.


    15. Biggest pet peeve?

    My mobile phone. Sometimes I want to smash it against the wall.We spend TOO much time on the mobile and not in the real world.

    16. Last book you read?

    The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin.

    17. Craziest fan story?

    I'm sure someone bought me a dildo once. And then it stayed in the back of the car from being at the show and I obviously didn't go and use it or touch it! So it just sort of stayed hidden and then one day my grandma, this is no joke, my grandma was clearing out the back of the car and she found it. It took a lot of explaining, but we got there in the end.


    18. What colour is your toothbrush?


    19. Favourite city?


    20. Favourite holiday destination?


    21. Favourite alcoholic beverage?

    My favourite is wine, but I tend to stick to vodka because it's got less calories.

    22. Do you own plants?

    [laughs] I own fake plants. Because I love them but it's the upkeep. With the work I forget to water them and they just die and then I feel really guilty, so I figure just stick to the fake ones. I've got lots of fake flowers and plants at home.

    23. Favourite word?

    "Maybe." [laughs] Leaves my options open!


    24. Favourite curse word?

    I say "cobswaddles" a lot instead of swearing. So if I'm avoiding swearing I go, "OH, COBSWADDLES" so it's quite comical. Or friggin'.

    25. What’s your life motto?

    My life motto would be "If it's not alright, it's not the end."

    26. Worst habit?

    Biting my nails. These are not my nails, these are acrylics and underneath there is no nail.

    27. Do you have a party trick?

    [coyly] I do.

    What is it?

    I'm double jointed.

    Can we see?

    Ooh, I will give you one leg.


    There's a lot more, but we'll save that for the party!

    28. Twitter or Instagram?

    Oh, how could you decide? I couldn't.

    29. Coffee or tea?


    30. What was the last dream you remember?

    Oh my god, I have so many dreams. I think I was in the middle of an apocalypse.


    31. Do you have a favourite joke?

    [bursts out laughing, looks at Gareth] What is the joke?! I've not told it in ages. Two lobsters walk up to a nightclub door, and the bouncer says, "Oi, you two, stop, you ain't coming in." And the lobsters are like, "Why not?" And he's like, "Who do you think you are, coming up to my door, giving it all that?" [mimics lobster claws clicking]

    [laughs] That's the worst joke ever! But I love it.

    32. Last song that was stuck in your head?

    My own, haha. Not just a plug, honest truth! Yeah, because I think I've been hearing "Sweet Like Chocolate" so much it's now, it's stuck there 24-7.

    33. Favourite show to binge-watch on Netflix?

    Orange Is the New Black.

    34. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

    It depends. If we're keeping it up-tempo it will be "Backstreet's Back" or if we're going emotional then it will be Mariah Carey "Hero".

    35. If you could bathe in any liquid besides water, what would it be?


    36. Do you do any good impressions?

    I can do a lot of accents. We've got American, we could do, like, a really LA or we could do, like, New York, like, "Tallulah, are you ready yet? How much longer do you want me to wait?" The list is endless. Basically just give me any accent and I can do it.


    [switches to perfect Irish accent] Hello there now. Now of course my grandad Tommy talks like that: "And I was like, Tulisa, stop it, go to the shop and get a pint of milk."

    37. What’s your favourite emoji?

    Probably the laughing face. You know when you try to keep conversations upbeat? You sit there and you put like [does laughing emoji face], when really you're like [sits there looking bored].

    38. Favourite season?

    Summer! Oh, but it's a tough one isn't it, because I do love winter. No, summer.

    39. Biggest phobia?

    The dark. I don't know why, it's quite weird.

    40. Proudest achievement?

    The N-Dubz Uncle B album going double platinum.


    Same, Tulisa, same.

    41. The one thing guaranteed to make you happy?

    Pizza! Pizza makes me very happy and Disney movies. Yeah, old-school Disney movies with pizza, the two combined with a Calippo.

    42. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

    Rather than let any flaws get you down, learn to embrace them and work around them or with them.

    43. Is there anything else we should know?

    I don't know, what do you want to know?! I cry every time I watch Aladdin and the monkey gives the orphan the bread.

    Tulisa's new single "Sweet Like Chocolate" is out on Friday 2 September! Go get it.

    Thank you for playing along, Tulisa!


    Tulisa's new single, "Sweet Like Chocolate", is out on Friday 2 September. Go get it!

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