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26 Times Tom Hiddleston Made You Wish He Were Yours In 2014

We should be so Loki, Loki, Loki, Loki.

1. He started the year off in a pretty stellar fashion.

Happy New Year, everybody! Song of the Day is "Lost In Music" by Sister Sledge. I have rediscovered it over night and it has blown my mind.

2. Then just ruled it throughout. From making us weak at the knees every time he wore a suit.

3. To waking up just like this.

#WAKEUPCALL Text SYRIA to 70007 to give £5. Nominate @Misskeeleyhawes @EmWatson @josierourke

4. Then he did the Ice Bucket Challenge and our lives were never the same again.

5. Try to get these images out of your head. You can't.

6. He supported Emma Watson's #HeForShe campaign while piercing our souls with those blue eyes.

.@EmWatson you are impeccable & extraordinary. I stand with you. I believe in gender equality. #heforshe

7. He even found time to campaign for climate change. And we died in the process.

8. And on top of all that he showed us he's a feminist.

9. And an all-'round amazing human.

10. From appearing on Top Gear.

Met The Stig. Did a lap in the Reasonably Priced Car on @BBC_TopGear. It rained a lot. Great day.

11. To adorably swearing.

12. And even singing us a little song.

13. In fact, singing was a high point for him throughout 2014. Here he is singing you Merry Christmas while cuddling a puppy.

Facebook: video.php

14. And this is him crashing a music festival and performing a Hank Williams song. <3

View this video on YouTube

15. While this clip of Tom recording a song for the new Disney movie The Pirate Fairy is almost too much to handle.

View this video on YouTube

16. With bonus dancing.

17. You can't help but fall in love with him.

#TomHiddleston is so sweet to let these kids give him a crown of flowers! Awww! #UnicornOfFluffiness &#x1F48B;

18. But he was also so beautifully British.

19. With an incredibly strong Twitter game.

I appear to have over 1 million followers on Twitter. Well, blow me down &#x26; slice me with hot buttered toast, what a thing. Hello.

20. Which made us smile every damn time.

21. He's been utterly adorable.

#HCNo14 Day 17: Tom surprises kids at the screening of #ThorTDW in Times Square. A great GIFT!

22. And spent the year making our ovaries explode.

23. From the time he played with a mini-Spider-Man.

View this video on YouTube

24. To his bromance with fellow god Benedict Cumberbatch.

25. And he also made us lol when he wore the Captain America suit dressed as Loki.

26. But most importantly he went on stage and did this in 2014. Mother. Of. God.

Thank you, Tom, for enriching our year so much. Please, please be ours forever.