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26 Times Patrick Stewart Made You Want To Hang Out With Him

In honour of his 75th birthday. HBD PS!

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1. When he chose to announce his marriage to Sunny Ozell like so.

2. And showed how badass he is with this one armed push up.

3. When he shared this hysterical tweet.

Me and @StephenMerchant at the #AmericanComedyAwards tonight! WE'RE NOT AMERICAN!

4. And decided to mock UK Prime Minister David Cameron in this perfect way.

.@robdelaney @David_Cameron @BarackObama I'm now patched in as well. Sorry for the delay.

5. The time he stood in a robe to wish his wife happy birthday.

6. And every time he's shared a gloriously geeky picture on Twitter.

7. Especially when he sees A+ photo opportunities.

8. Like so.

This was taken a while ago but hearing best student Logan is officially on board, it now seems a good time to share.

9. This GIF of him will always give you instant delight.

CBS Television

10. In fact, the internet is a wondrous place full of epic Patrick Stewart/Jean-Luc Picard GIFs.

CBS / Via

11. For every single situation.

CBS Television

12. The time he gleefully posed while sitting on Santa Claus' knee.

Father Christmas! #gogodididonyc @TwoPlaysInRep

13. In fact any time he's shared pictures of himself with best friend Ian McKellen.

No hands! #gogodididonyc @TwoPlaysInRep 5 shows left!

14. It makes you instantly happy.

15. Like when they went to Coney Island together.

Skeeball! (Our trip to Coney last fall made for so many great pics, more to come) 15 shows left! #gogodididonyc

16. And posed next to a big butt.

Bum! #gogodididonyc @TwoPlaysInRep 7 shows left!

17. And some bins.

Rubbish! #gogodididonyc @TwoPlaysInRep

18. When they pretended to go running together.

Jogging! #gogodididonyc @TwoPlaysInRep

19. And saw in the new year in true style.

Auld Lang Syne #gogodididonyc @TwoPlaysInRep

20. Every single one is a classic.

Coney Souvenir! #gogodididonyc @TwoPlaysInRep

21. And every time they interact it's pretty damn special too.

22. The time he tried his first ever pizza... at the age of 72.

My first ever pizza "slice". Please note: the authentic NY fold.

23. And sat in a bath dressed as a giant lobster. Just because.

24. When he asked Rob Delaney for a hug.

And sparked this perfect interaction.

.@robdelaney just the sight of that chest hair is comforting.

25. When he killed his Ice Bucket Challenge with a typically classy video.

View this video on YouTube

26. And the time he rocked a feather boa like the king that he is.

Happy birthday, Patrick!

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