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21 Times Miranda Hart Represented Adorably Dorky Women Everywhere

What do you love? Doughnuts. What makes your heart skip? Doughnuts.

1. When she made this very valid life point.

2. And had this opinion about fitness-freak friends.


3. When she revealed her perfect night out.

4. And acted like this in a job interview.


5. In fact, she always makes us feel better about our own anxieties.


6. And behaviour.

7. And our true loves.


8. When she said what we were all thinking.

9. When she appreciated the joy in being single.

10. And said what we all truly think about Valentine's Day.

11. When she showed off her tactics for wooing men.

12. And revealed how smooth she can act.

13. When she had this perfect opinion about ~fashion~.


14. And on running.

15. And on meditation.

16. When she didn't really feel like getting into work on time.


17. And realised the importance of cocktails at any time of the day.


18. When she was totally honest about what she thought.

19. And showed what good reasoning she has.


20. In fact, she's always very open when it comes to food.


21. And is the absolute best when it comes to small talk.


We love you, Miranda.