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22 Times Celebrities Fangirled Over Other Celebs On Twitter

Because they also can't hold their shit together, just like us.

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1. When Anna Kendrick reacted how we all would if we got to meet Beyoncé

2. When Justin Bieber declared his love for Emma Stone to his millions of followers

3. When Selena Gomez lost her shit on behalf of Demi Lovato


4. When Ariana Grande didn't care how much praise she gave Bruno Mars

Dear Bruno Mars, I love you so much. I wouldn't mind an afternoon in the sun with you, a picnic, and some old records. Please consider. ♥

I really love you @BrunoMars. You & Sinatra. Good men. ♥

Hey Bruno Mars...... Why are you the cutest person I've ever laid eyes on in my life? Just wondering. Love, Ariana. 💗

Why am I screaming like a little girl watching Bruno's performance? I can't handle his old school swag. Makes me swoon. He's fantastic.. 💗

5. Then two years later actually ran into him!

Someone sang "I love the way" in the hallway, I turn around it's @BrunoMars. My organs fell out. I'm a corpse. I'm dead. HES SO NICE #MTVEMA

6. When Bella Thorne didn't GAF about fangirling over Zooey Deschanel

OMG @ZooeyDeschanel is following me...she's the funniest gal on tv and i'm like in love with her!!!! dklfaj;kasjdkfja;klkdfjkajfajf

7. When Liam Payne wanted to share this picture of himself with his idol Jay Z

Alssoooo my biggest news todayy i met one of my idols and couldnt even look him in the eye...

8. When Hilary Duff and Lorde had a mutual love off

@HilaryDuff omg i love you hilary

9. When Lucy Hale reacted how anyone would if Aaron Paul casually strolled past them

I just saw Aaron Paul walking down the street. I wanted to yell hi to him & fan girl. But that's weird. So I didn't. That's all.

10. When Kerry Washington revealed what a big Selena Gomez fan she is

Song of the day (meaning it played in my workout this morning & I CANT get it outta my head!) 😃 @selenagomez THE HEART WANTS WHAT IT WANTS!

11. And she in turn lost her shit

@kerrywashington I can't move 🙏 #Gladiatorfolife 💜

12. When John Green revealed himself to be a big Swiftie after she declared her love for him

Taylor Swift reblogged me on tumblr and called me her favorite author. Trying not to freak out.

13. When Miley Cyrus got as excited as she should be about being this close to Britney Spears

if u told me I'd be front row & center on @britneyspears opening night 10 years ago I wouldve never believed you👍

14. When Nick Jonas praised Lorde, and she reacted by being hilariously awkward

@nickjonas thanks jick nonas

@nickjonas i don't know why i thought that would be funny

But he approved because they love each other

@lordemusic because it is very funny 👍

15. When Amy Schumer made Tatiana Maslany's day

Me when I meet @tatianamaslany tomorrow #emmys

@amyschumer aaaaaaaarghhhhhhh!!!!!!! 😍

16. And then again and she just couldn't keep it cool

@amyschumer I'm trying to be calm about this but....!!!!!! 😁😁😁 ❤️❤️❤️

17. When Simone Biles pretended she was totally fine about spending the night eating next to Usain Bolt

talked to Usain Bolt at dinner no big deal

18. When Tori Kelly and Kelly Clarkson spread their mutual love

@ToriKelly girl, I can't wait to see you in concert! You kill it every time I see you perform on a show. Great voice :)

19. When JK Rowling called Amy Schumer a goddess, quite rightly

Just seen the goddess that is @amyschumer live in Edinburgh. What a night 😂❤️

20. And they chatted about Harry Potter, because of course

.@amyschumer I *loved* the Gryffindor hat.

21. When Liam Payne lost his shit over getting a selfie with Niall Horan*


*OK, this one's a joke but lol

22. And when Chance the Rapper called Kate McKinnon his unicorn and we were like "same"

Dear Kate McKinnon, please get a twitter. You are my unicorn. ❤️❤️❤️

See... celebs can be dorky too!