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This Is What The Mountain's Face From "Game Of Thrones" Actually Looks Like Under That Helmet Btw

Actor Hafþór J Björnsson finally shared an up-close image and it will make you go "ew".

All Game of Thrones fans will be aware of The Mountain, aka Ser Gregor Clegane. This is what he looked like prior to that Oberyn Martell fight.

But since Season 5 we've only got to see him with this giant helmet on his head, hiding his presumably scary face following Qyburn's experiments on him.

We have had the odd glimpse of his eyes, and they were pretty chilling on their own tbh.

Then at the end of Season 6 a very quick glimpse sans helmet was given, although it was incredibly dark so we didn't really SEE it.

Well, now we've been treated to an up-close view of the look that's been hiding beneath the helmet. Hafþór J Björnsson, who plays Clegane, shared this behind-the-scenes picture on his Twitter page today.

And we think you'll agree it's pretty gruesome.

Which explains Septa Unella's face, really.