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    15 Things You Never Knew About The "X-Men" Cast, According To James McAvoy

    Including who's the most hungover, who's the best dancer, and who's the biggest prankster.

    If you're an X-Men fan, you've probably spent the last 16 years watching the movies in the franchise and you've no doubt got a lot of questions about the stellar cast you've got to know so well.

    Well, now there's another instalment out, X-Men: Apocalypse. So James McAvoy, aka Professor X himself, met up with BuzzFeed UK in London to help us get to know the X-Men cast a little more. He told us what goes down with his hilarious castmates on set and dished out some perfect cast superlatives. Here's what went down.

    1. Who is most likely to get caught taking a selfie?


    James McAvoy: Oh yeah, that's easy. Olivia "Insta" Munn, definitely. She's always on it.

    2. Who's the biggest clown?


    JM: Clown? Who's the biggest clown? [thinks]. Hmm, this is a tie. So these two, Nick Hoult and Sophie Turner, are the biggest clowns.

    Separately or together?

    JM: Separately, together, when they combine forces it's an almighty thing. They're definitely the two biggest clowns. I mean, they're the biggest fun, the two of them.

    3. How about the biggest troublemaker?


    JM: Wait a minute. The biggest troublemaker?

    [BuzzFeed nods]

    JM: Evan Peters. Big time. He's a handful.

    4. Who is most likely to turn up to set late?


    JM: *Bursts out laughing*. She's going to hate me for this. [holds up Olivia Munn sign]

    5. Who is the most likely to be hungover on set?


    JM: [looks bashful] [holds up sign saying "me"] [giggles]

    6. Who is most likely to forget their lines?


    JM: [thinks] I'd struggle. Maybe... no. No, I don't think anyone really. Everyone forgets their lines sometimes but I don't think anyone's a serial offender. Everybody's pretty professional. Even if they are clowns, coming in drunk, and troublemakers, and just taking pictures of themselves all the time.

    7. Who's most likely to show pictures of their cat or dog?


    JM: Jennifer Lawrence.

    8. Who is the best dancer?


    JM: Oh! That's tough. I'm going to put it out's either, I've got to say it, it's either me or Nick [Hoult] I think.

    9. Who is most likely to laugh during takes?


    JM: [laughs] That's me or Nick again. Oh no, no, no, that's not true! Most likely to laugh during a take is most definitely Jen [Lawrence]. Yeah, 100%.

    10. Who is the biggest mum of the cast?


    JM: Lovely, lovely Rose Byrne.

    11. Who is most likely to randomly break out into song?


    JM: Sophie Turner. With a very particular song. Are you speaking to her later?

    Yes, we're speaking to her next.

    JM: OK, it's a song called "I'm Gonna Make Your Pussy Pop". It's an original song by Sophie Turner.


    So when we went in to see Sophie Turner next we asked her to embellish on what the song was and she even gave us a rendition.

    12. Who is most likely to initiate a post-work hangout?


    JM: Nick [Hoult] and Jen [Lawrence].

    13. Who is most likely to brighten your day?


    JM: There's so many ties here. It's got to be this man here [Nick Hoult].

    14. Who is the biggest flirt?


    JM: [thinks] Who's the biggest flirt? Because you've got people who flirt with intention and you get people who just flirt, flirt, flirt.

    [writes on pad] Michael [Fassbender].


    15. Who is most likely to try to put you off your lines?


    JM: [smiles to himself] Yep, Jen [Lawrence].

    X-Men: Apocalypse is out in the UK now. It opens in cinemas elsewhere on 27 May.

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