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The 27 Most WTF Moments Of The 2014 MTV EMAs

Well, that's what you get when Nicki Minaj hosts.

1. Ed Sheeran's sexy hip waddle.


2. Nicki Minaj debuting her INCREDIBLE CLEAVAGE.

3. Ariana Grande actually stepped out minus her ponytail.

4. And then performed in her knickers.

5. When Nicki sang The Proclaimers' "500 Miles".

6. And Katy Perry cuddled a pillow of Nicki Minaj's butt.

7. Ariana Grande's flying entrance.

8. And the immense amount of times she said thank you.

9. When David Hasselhoff dressed like this.

10. When Minaj wore a see-through jumpsuit.

11. In fact, her whole performance.

12. Which encouraged these types of memes.

Jaldkakdjak @justinbieber @NICKIMINAJ Fun😭😂👏✌🙆 Kill Me Plz😄👈🔫 Love u Soo Much!! Follow Me Plz #MTVEMAs #Congrats

13. Then she played mini golf on stage into an image of her butt.

14. A rumour that Queen Bey would be performing did the rounds...

15. But then the show ended, and there was no Bey.

16. And then we realised she didn't record a video acceptance speech for winning "Best Song With a Message", which only made it worse.

@Beyonce you couldn't do a pre recorded message but you have time to drop surprise albums

17. But Ed Sheeran sang "Thinking Out Loud" and everyone almost died with happiness.

18. But the biggest part about it was the dancers.

Amazing dancers performing with @edsheeran #MTVEMA2014


20. He also played alongside some bagpipes. Because Scotland.

#MTVEMA We had a great night. Thank you!! Massive thanks @edsheeran for letting us collaborate with you! @mtvema

21. This happened.

22. As did this.

23. Nicki made up her own rap about Scotland.

24. U2 performed but this is all everyone had to say about it on Twitter.

Piss off U2 I'm still trying to delete your album off iTunes and you're on my tv screen

Get off stage U2 everyone hates you now after you forced your album onto our phones!

So is U2 going to take over everyone's tv so they have to watch their EMA performance?

25. Free drinks tickets were thrown into the audience.

26. But it all basically comes back down to this.

27. Oh... and the fact the red dancer emoji actually came to life during Enrique Iglesias' performance.