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    The 28 Most Flamboyant Elton John Stage Costumes Ever

    Just. Wow.

    1. Miss Piggy Elton.


    2. Over the top ridiculous Elton.

    REX USA/Ted Blackbrow / Daily Mail / Rex

    3. Ronald McDonald Elton.

    REX USA/Andre Csillag

    4. Drag queen Elton.

    REX USA/Edward Hirst

    5. Mardi Gras Elton.


    6. Baseball Elton.

    REX USA/Andre Csillag

    7. Muppets Elton.


    8. Angry soldier Elton.

    REX USA/Graham Wiltshire

    9. Flamboyant cowboy Elton.

    REX USA/Richard Young / Rex

    10. Cockney Elton.

    REX USA/Richard Young / Rex

    11. Glitz and Glam Elton.

    Ed Caraeff / Getty Images

    12. Totally oddball Elton.

    Ron Howard/Redferns

    13. School boy Elton.

    Michael Putland / Getty Images

    14. Purple musketeer Elton.

    Ebet Roberts/Redferns

    15. We don't know what you're wearing Elton.

    Robert Knight Archive/Redferns

    16. Punk mohawk Elton.

    Ebet Roberts/Redferns

    17. Spiky Elton.

    Paul Natkin / WireImage

    18. Zany Elton.

    Anwar Hussein / Getty Images

    19. Bouffant Elton.

    Time Life Pictures/DMI/Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

    20. Boy next door Elton.

    PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    21. Surprised soldier Elton.

    PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    22. Play it bright Elton.

    FIONA HANSON/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    23. Polka dot Elton.

    Fox Photos / Getty Images

    24. In his element Elton.

    John Minihan/Evening Standard / Getty Images

    25. Shake your tassels Elton.

    PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    26. Gold studded Elton.

    Jim Sulley / AP/Press Association Images

    27. Patterned Elton.

    James Arnold/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    28. And bumblebee Elton.

    Kudos Elton, kudos.