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    Updated on Aug 17, 2020. Posted on Mar 5, 2014

    The 28 Most Flamboyant Elton John Stage Costumes Ever

    Just. Wow.

    1. Miss Piggy Elton.


    2. Over the top ridiculous Elton.

    REX USA/Ted Blackbrow / Daily Mail / Rex

    3. Ronald McDonald Elton.

    REX USA/Andre Csillag

    4. Drag queen Elton.

    REX USA/Edward Hirst

    5. Mardi Gras Elton.


    6. Baseball Elton.

    REX USA/Andre Csillag

    7. Muppets Elton.


    8. Angry soldier Elton.

    REX USA/Graham Wiltshire

    9. Flamboyant cowboy Elton.

    REX USA/Richard Young / Rex

    10. Cockney Elton.

    REX USA/Richard Young / Rex

    11. Glitz and Glam Elton.

    Ed Caraeff / Getty Images

    12. Totally oddball Elton.

    Ron Howard/Redferns

    13. School boy Elton.

    Michael Putland / Getty Images

    14. Purple musketeer Elton.

    Ebet Roberts/Redferns

    15. We don't know what you're wearing Elton.

    Robert Knight Archive/Redferns

    16. Punk mohawk Elton.

    Ebet Roberts/Redferns

    17. Spiky Elton.

    Paul Natkin / WireImage

    18. Zany Elton.

    Anwar Hussein / Getty Images

    19. Bouffant Elton.

    Time Life Pictures/DMI/Time Life Pictures / Getty Images

    20. Boy next door Elton.

    PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    21. Surprised soldier Elton.

    PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    22. Play it bright Elton.

    FIONA HANSON/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    23. Polka dot Elton.

    Fox Photos / Getty Images

    24. In his element Elton.

    John Minihan/Evening Standard / Getty Images

    25. Shake your tassels Elton.

    PA/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    26. Gold studded Elton.

    Jim Sulley / AP/Press Association Images

    27. Patterned Elton.

    James Arnold/PA Archive/Press Association Images

    28. And bumblebee Elton.

    Kudos Elton, kudos.

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