The Internet Reacts Hilariously To Simon Cowell’s Baby Being Called Eric

Welcome into the world, Eric Owl.

1. It’s the day we thought we’d never see - Simon Cowell has become a father.

Kevork Djansezian / Reuters

2. He made the announcement on Twitter, but fans were of course quick to joke about the birth.

5. This scary hairy baby picture from Parentdish did the rounds a lot.

6. Even Alan Sugar and Sinitta got in on the action.

According the Sun @SimonCowell has a baby boy Eric. Simon isnow out searching for high waisted nappies

— Lord Sugar (@Lord_Sugar)

Is ThisThePic?

— Sinitta 19 (@sinittaofficial)

8. While others couldn’t help but joke about Simon’s hairy chest.

Breaking News: Simon Cowell's baby has just got his first hair on his chest.

— Steve (@stephenhallatt)

9. But there were other ways of joking about the birth.

Simon Cowell has had a baby boy!!!

— Unnamed Insider (@Unnamedinsider)

Congratulations to my Simon Cowell and Lauren on the birth of their son Eric, great news!

— David Walliams News (@WalliamsUK)

11. Particularly when it came to Cowell’s trademark high-waisted trousers.

Congratulations Simon Cowell!

— (@Confused_com)

12. But it was mainly the name which seemed to tickle most people.

TV talent show idea. Simon Cowell holds nationwide auditions to find a nanny for his new baby son. Name of the show? Eric Idol.

— Ian Hyland (@HylandIan)

Huge congratulations to @SimonCowell and Lauren Silverman on the birth of their son. They have named him David Sinitta Louis-Walsh Cowell.

— David Walliams (@davidwalliams)

14. Some even struggled to quite believe it.

SIMON COWELL HAS NAMED HIS SON ERIC?!?!?! what the hell!!!

— Laurennnnnnnx (@Lauren102030)

Simon Cowell has called his son 'Eric'. A baby called fucking Eric. A BABY IS CALLED ERIC HAHAHAHAHAHA.

— Pip Thunder (@pipthunder)

Simon Cowell has named his son Eric - did his girlfriend give birth to a middle-aged man?

— SHANE REACTION (@MrShaneReaction)

Simon Cowell has called the baby 'Eric'? 'Eric' is a 50 year old plumber, not a baby

— kerry (@kerryellenn)

18. While some other observations were made.

Simon Cowell must be a huge Little Mermaid fan.

— Lauren Winter (@lozwinter)

Name will sound like Eric Owl RR "@Independent: Simon Cowell welcomes baby boy Eric on Valentine's Day"

— Dr Ian Kenny (@ianskenny)

I had no idea Simon Cowell was so fond of owls that he decided to name his son after one. #EricOwl

— TheInvisibleWoman (@TheVintageYear)

21. But it wasn’t all bad.

Simon cowell named his new born son after his late father, aw that's well cute

— sum sum sumo (@sumzxox)

Aw Simon Cowell has called his baby Eric.. #propername

— Rebecca (@BeccaCath94)

Simon Cowell's little boy is called Eric lol #cute

— Julia Hawkins ☮ (@Julz_2000)

24. But still expect to see this picture a lot.

Simon Cowell's baby

— Scotty (@Lew_Scotty)

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