The Internet Has A Lot Of Emotions About Leonardo DiCaprio Not Winning An Oscar

It’s a sad, sad day.

1. Bad news, guys. Leonardo DiCaprio missed out on an Oscar yet again at this year’s Academy Awards.


2. He’s been nominated four times, but this year lost to Matthew McConaughey.

3. So the internet, of course, exploded with emotions.

4. It was a sad, sad moment.

5. In fact, “Poor Leo” was even trending on Twitter.


6. Some people joked about what Leo was really saying and thinking.

Poor Leo #oscars2014 #frozen

— Rose McClelland (@rosemcc93)

"@eonline: Poor Leo indeed...don't let them see you cry, bae. #GiveLeoAnOscar "

— Spoonful Of Cory ♥ (@TatiReE10)

9. While others joked about his misfortune :(

Poor Leo didn't win an Oscar again. Who believes Leonardo DiCaprio should have won the Oscar this year?

— Stage Right Secrets (@StageRights)

Poor Leo #Oscars

— Poe (@TheGreatPoesby)

13. So. Much. Emotion.


— Lia (@annabel_lea)

15. Others used his films to express their sorrow.

Poor Leo. Don't worry I know you'll get your oscar award soon

— Parasona (@Parasona)

Poor Leo's like

— Stephanie Skye (@stephanie_skye_)

21. And the internet basically imploded with “Poor Leo” moments.

i just snorted so loudly in a public place laughing at this. poor leo. worst start to week #robbed

— Harriet Sweeney (@HarrietIshbel)

Poor Leo... Maybe next year?!

— TheLASSBible (@LassBible)

25. Others made valid points.

Poor Leo ! Tumblr is killing me with these #TheOscars2014 (via @AniCaribbean)

— Gyasi ✈JOW (@Vote4Hendrix)

26. Or likened it to losing a computer game.

Why can't he pass through? “@fedtweets: Poor Leo ”

— Chibi (@Ope__)

28. But mostly people were just sad. Very, very sad.

Aw, poor Leo. I made this for you.

— Crystal Coleman (@thatgirlcrystal)

He looked so sad. Poor Leo.

— Arturo Bandini (@The0therBond)

Poor Leo can't get a break

— shark bait (@katiewaswright)

Oh my poor Leo.

— Electric✨Wanderlust (@oohgee_)

32. But let’s all stay positive.

I love that Poor Leo & Leonardo DiCaprio are trending alongside #Oscars2014. The internet loves you, @LeoDiCaprio! ;)

— Carla (@_Miss_Sakura_)

just a warning... Poor Leo, we think everyone wanted him to win! #Oscars

— (@clothesmindeduk)

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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