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A Trailer For "The Girl On The Train" Has Been Released And It's Pretty Eerie

Please live up to the book, please live up to the book.

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Fans of Paula Hawkins' book The Girl on the Train have been waiting very patiently to see a glimpse of the film adaptation. And the first teaser trailer is now FINALLY here!

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The two and a half minute clip shows Emily Blunt as the girl on the train, Rachel.

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Although the film is based on a journey into New York, rather than London, like in the book version.

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We get our first look at Luke Evans as Scott.

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And Justin Theroux as Tom.

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As well as Haley Bennett as Megan and Rebecca Ferguson as Anna.

And it looks equally terrifying and amazing. We Can. Not. Wait.

Dreamworks SKG / Via

The Girl on the Train is due for release on 7th October.