The 21 Most Glorious Photos Of Bilbo Baggins Giving The Finger

    Martin Freeman out of character on set of The Hobbit is strangely humorous. Tremendous work from

    1. The pent up anger shot.

    2. The double whammy shot.

    3. The backwards shot.

    4. The quick cheeky shot.

    5. The I'm bored in my make-up chair shot.

    6. The 'why not' shot.

    7. The scenic shot.

    8. The 'I'm next to a weird green man' shot.

    9. The showing off shot.

    10. The under arm shot.

    11. The I don't know what else to do shot.

    12. The 'I see you' shot.

    13. The starey eye shot.

    14. The 'come on then' shot.

    15. The I'm sick of being small next to Gandalf shot.

    16. The I'm pissed off shot.

    17. The I'm stuck in cold water shot.

    18. The look at me shot.

    19. The 'why am I still working' shot.

    20. The 'I mean it' shot.

    21. And the final glorious finger shot.