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The 12 Cutest Moments From Britney Spears' Halloween Spoof

It's Britney, Witch! Thank you Nick Grimshaw and Radio 1.

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The geniuses at Radio 1 managed to convince Britney Spears to film a Halloween Spoof.

And it was odd yet great. Here are the best moments.

1. When Britney pulled this face.

2. When she stepped up her acting skills.

3. When Nick Grimshaw randomly popped up behind Britney.

4. And they went all street on us.

5. Then she rode a witch's broom like only Britney could.

6. Before she waved an axe around.

7. And this happened.

8. And this.

9. Before she creeped us out some more.

10. Then ordered pizza half way through.

11. And got covered in a bed sheet.

12. And ended with the final Britney, Witch! moment.

Oh, and this is what she was really doing.

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Watch the video in full here.

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