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Benedict Cumberbatch And The "Doctor Strange" Cast Mock Up Their Ideal Superhero Alter-Egos

Benedict Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, and co. explain their powers, costumes, and sidekicks to BuzzFeed. And we of course mock up what they'd look like.

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Marvel fans and Benedict Cumberbatch fans are in for a big treat – Doctor Strange has finally hit cinemas. So when some of the main cast came through London this week to promote the film, we decided to get the lowdown on what their ideal superhero alter-egos would be. Here's everything from their costumes to their sidekicks and their superhero BFFs...

What would your superpower be?

Benedict Cumberbatch: I’d be a doctor. Like, a real doctor that works in the NHS, that’s who I’d be. Like, the real heroes, doctors and nurses. I think anyone who works in medicine has superpowers; anyone who works in the NHS has superpowers. It’s a miracle, it is magic. It wouldn’t happen if [doctors and nurses] didn’t go to work and give everything they’ve got for very little. They do crazy hours and keep an ideal afloat through the love and care that they have for their craft and their patients and the institution of the NHS. We should be very proud of it. Really, honestly. And I did meet a few people, obviously some to do with the higher echelons of brain surgery, but I’m lucky enough to know a few in my personal life – and hats off, or doctor’s things off, and respect to them.

What would your costume be like?

BC: It would be white or green or blue. Yeah, it's a very standard outfit, I think.

If you had a slogan what would it be?

BC: "The NHS rules" or something like that!

If you could be that superhero for just one week what would you do?

BC: I would probably go to Great Ormond Street hospital [in London]. I've visited patients there. To be able to actually help them would give me a great joy. Those are the most extraordinarily heroic children and they wear their burdens so lightly; they're just a lesson in effortless grace and it's kind of inspiring.

Would you have a sidekick?

BC: Yes, a doctor or nurse who knew what they were doing!

And gadgets?

BC: Yes, well hospitals are full of gadgets, so a stethoscope, I think, and one or two other fun bits. BuzzFeed are going to be so disappointed. They're going to be like, "Oh, you should have got him to be a marshmallow man or something!"

BuzzFeed: No! We love these answers.

What superhero would be your BFF?

BC: Ooh...favouritism is a tough game to ask me to play and I'm really not happy to do it. I'd have to have this kind of little – rather like Doctor Strange has, I imagine, somewhere in the future – some kind of snow globe and they're all in there. You can just break that snow globe and they all come out.

What would your weakness be?

BC: Not being able to pick favourites!

Who would you entrust with your secret?

BC: Oh, my wife. I tell my wife all my secrets.

And if you had one city to look after, what city would it be?

BC: London! [smiles and puts his thumbs up]


What superpower would you have?

Rachel McAdams: Selfishly I'd like to have invisibility because I've always wanted to go into other people's houses and see what they look like and just watch them interact. I guess I'm an actor – just human behaviour's just fascinating to me. I mean, I'd like to be... I really love the comic book Black Orchid by Neil Gaiman. She's kind of an environmental superhero, where she's kind of trying to bring the planet back to itself again. So I'd probably go around cleaning up the ocean and...

What would your outfit be?

RM: I was a figure skater so I wore a lot of spandex in my life, so I'd probably avoid that. What would I wear?! I wouldn't mind a cape, actually. I think they're kind of cool. Benedict made the cape cool again. [corrects herself] The cloak, the cloak. I have to respect the cloak.


Any particular colours?

RM: I really like pink.

If you had to protect one city, which would it be?

RM: [looks shocked] One city?! Oh I don't know, all my friends and family are scattered around. Can I save them all?!

What would your weakness be?

RM: Scary movies.

Who would be your superhero BFF?

RM: The Ancient One! [from Doctor Strange]

If you could be your ultimate superhero for one week, what would you do?

RM: I would fly around a lot. I would fly around the world.


What would your superpower be?

Benedict Wong: My special power would be... I think we need a lot of peace in this world now. To restore peace in our times. So the power of understanding so that we all realise we're one race.

How about your costume?

BW: Costumes-wise, I don't know. I think I'd hand that back to the costume designer! I'm quite happy with the costume I've got [as Wong in Doctor Strange]. I think I'll rock a cape, even though I can't fly, just to rock the cape. And maybe a stick as well, just as a nice sort of accompaniment.

Would you have a sidekick?

BW: I'd probably just get a Labrador called Spiffy. Just a dog who's a mild-mannered dog that's still a mild-mannered dog. And a ball for him...maybe to tease him a little bit.


What superhero would be your BFF?

BW: It's going to sound a little obsessed now but Spider-Man.

If you were given one week to be this superhero what would you do in that week?

BW: Just restore the peace! That's it.

What would your superpower be?

Mads Mikkelsen: I'm very dedicated to the things I do. I'm very persistent and dedicated – if that could be your power, I'm not sure.

What would you do if you were your ultimate superhero for just one week?

MM: Do we have time to save the world? Make everybody happy? I'm not sure. Selfishly I'll go really fast from A to B and watch all the football games in the world!

What would your costume be like?

MM: You know, I'm very pleased with the costume I'm wearing in Doctor Strange. That's perfect, I'll take that one. Orange – kung fu colours.

What city would you protect if you had to protect one?

MM: This is tough stuff. You'd have to find a big city and put everyone in there, right? But right now I think we should maybe go down and protect Mosul, which is taking place, there's a big war going down there.

Would you have a sidekick?

MM: I think it would be pretty cool if my kids were super kids. Put them in there!

Who would be your superhero best mate?

MM: I guess I have to say Superman. He can do anything, right? He comes in handy.

What would your superpower be?

Scott Derrickson: My superpower would be telepathy. And I would by necessity need to use it with discretion, not all the time. I don't want to be a mind rapist! [laughs] But I would primarily use it to place myself in important situations, try to prevent evil acts from occurring and to shift the balance of power where it needs to be shifted, that's what I would do.

What would you do if you were that superhero for one week?

SD: Hmm, that's a very good question. If I had it for only one week... Here's my honest answer, I would probably contact somebody through national security, evidence the ability I have and tell them, "Show me how you can make use of this unique ability that I have for one week." If we had one person who could perfectly read minds we could solve a lot of problems in the world in a very short period of time.

What would your costume be like?

SD: '70s punk. Yeah. Black.


SD: Other than my mohawk? No. Just the mohawk. That's where the brain power comes from.

Would you have a sidekick or be a lone ranger?

SD: I would have a sidekick and it would be Mads Mikkelsen. He's the heavy.

And here are the powers he would assign the main cast, based on their behaviour on set:

Benedict Cumberbatch:

To Benedict I would give the power to make every teenage girl in the world feel uniquely loved by him. Boy, the whole world would be overwhelmed with joy.

Mads Mikkelsen:

To Mads I would give homicide impunity: He could kill anyone he wants without any concern for punishment. I think he would do well with that.

Tilda Swinton:

I would let her have a two-week vacation back from whatever celestial dimension she is visiting, because she's clearly not from this world.

Chiwetel Ejiofor:

I would give him the lead professorship at Harvard teaching history because he knows more about history than anyone who teaches there. And I'm not kidding. He is the most well-read person on human history that I've ever met.

Rachel McAdams:

I would give Rachel the power to communicate empathy and love to all the people in the world that she would want to, which would be probably everyone... That's Rachel. Rachel is all heart. She would use that power and she would use it for good.

Benedict Wong:

I'd give him the power to become a world dictator. I think the world should be run by Benedict Wong. I think we should have a one-world government and it should be a benevolent dictatorship under Benedict Wong. That's what I think. That would be a better world, don't you think?

Doctor Strange is out in cinemas NOW.

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