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Beyoncé Shut Her Assistant Down On The Red Carpet

If Queen Bey says stop, you stop.

This is what Beyoncé looked like at the TIDALx1020 party on Tuesday night. Pretty damn fabulous, right?

Well, just before she posed perfectly for these pictures THIS happened.

Let's take a closer look:

1. The assistant fusses over Beyoncé and is lucky enough to touch every part of her to make sure her outfit is on point*. Also to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions thanks to the low cut.

2. Queen Bey has enough and subtly whispers "STOP IT" all while keeping that picture-perfect smile on her face.

3. The assistant quickly does as she's told and leaves the singer's side.

4. Beyoncé looks flawless minus an assistant obstructing her from the cameras.

Well, if we were going to be shut down by anyone we'd like it to be Beyoncé too.