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    You Need To See Adele Panicking At The Sight Of A Bat In One Of Her Concerts

    "Oh my God it's a fucking bat! I'm happy to be here but a fucking bat, Jesus Christ."

    Adele has been on absolute form during her 2016 tour so far with numerous hilarious moments, like when she reacted in the most Adele way to a marriage proposal during one of her gigs, or the time she showed off her twerking skills on stage.

    But one of the funniest to date happened during her concert in Mexico last night when she saw a bat fly into the audience. For real.

    She reacted how any of us would, by flapping about like a bat herself.

    She was almost hysterical when she pointed it out to the concertgoers.

    And of course swore like a trooper.

    Oh Adele, we do love you.

    You can watch the hilarious moment in full here.

    When a bat welcomes you to a new country @Adele #adelemexico