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    You Need To See Adele Panicking At The Sight Of A Bat In One Of Her Concerts

    "Oh my God it's a fucking bat! I'm happy to be here but a fucking bat, Jesus Christ."

    Adele has been on absolute form during her 2016 tour so far with numerous hilarious moments, like when she reacted in the most Adele way to a marriage proposal during one of her gigs, or the time she showed off her twerking skills on stage.

    Michel Porro / Getty Images

    But one of the funniest to date happened during her concert in Mexico last night when she saw a bat fly into the audience. For real.

    She reacted how any of us would, by flapping about like a bat herself.

    She was almost hysterical when she pointed it out to the concertgoers.

    And of course swore like a trooper.

    Oh Adele, we do love you.

    You can watch the hilarious moment in full here.

    When a bat welcomes you to a new country @Adele #adelemexico

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