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Show Us Your Celebrity Tattoos And Tell Us The Stories Behind Them

We want to see all of your celeb-inspired inkings.

We've all got our favourite celebrities, and sometimes we want to get tattoos to show off our love for them.


Maybe you have a particular celebrity who means a lot to you and helped you through a certain time in your life.

SWNS / Ross Parry
SWNS / Ross Parry
SWNS / Ross Parry

Or maybe there's a particular show you've paid homage to in a big way.


We want to see your celebrity tattoos and hear about why you got them.

Why did you get them and have you ever regretted them?

@harrystyles I got a tattoo of you as a merman and the date I met you and the boys! 💙

Or what is it about them that makes you super proud?

@Helengreeen I got a tattoo of your drawing of lady gaga hope you like it

Send us a photo of your celebrity tattoo via the DropBox below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

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