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Ryan Reynolds Has Given A Humorous NSFW Reason Why He's Different From Ryan Gosling

Funny and hot. We love him.

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But many people keep on getting the two mixed up. Two hot Canadian Ryans, we guess it's easy to do.

why do i always get ryan reynolds and ryan gosling mixed up idgi

I thought Ryan Reynolds was Ryan gosling I clearly don't know my Ryan's


"I get confused between Ryan Reynolds and Ryan gosling just because I'd fuck em both" -@MarcLuey4

But when this fan admitted he couldn't tell them apart, Ryan Reynolds decided to give him a helping hand.

i honestly dont know the difference between ryan gosling and ryan reynolds

And came up with this hilarious, NSFW explanation of how they are different.

Different hair colors. Ryan Gosling has light BLOND hair. And Ryan Reynolds is a cunt.