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    Ron Burgundy Was The Secret Winner Of The 2013 MTV EMAs

    He was kind of a big deal. And definitely had the most fun.

    Yeah, so it was kind of the Miley show at tonight's MTV EMAs, unsurprisingly.

    But the other secret winner of the evening was Ron Burgundy.

    1. He cycled around Amsterdam with Daft Punk.

    2. It looked like glorious fun.

    3. He also got on a boat with Daft Punk.

    4. He played the flute on the red carpet with MTV presenter Louise Roe.

    5. Gave walking in clogs a go.

    6. Stayed classy on his way into the show.

    7. Spent some time in the Red Light District.

    8. (Trying his best to avoid any potentially awkward moments.)

    9. He sampled some local delicacies.

    10. And enjoyed the effects.

    11. But didn't forget to spend some time with all of the superstar guests.