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    Robbie Williams Live Tweeted His Wife Giving Birth To Their Son

    Yes, really.

    Back in April, Robbie Williams announced that his wife, Ayda, was pregnant with their second child.

    Ayda and I are delighted to announce that Theodora Rose Williams is going to be a big sister. RW xxx

    And on Monday the Take That star decided to live-blog the actual birth.

    And it's so wrong, but highly entertaining. On Monday morning he shared this image, revealing she was about to go into labour.

    When Ayda goes into labour she comes correct ; ) RW x

    The pair then messed around for the cameras while they waited for it to happen in the hospital room.

    "Nurse, she<img src="">s out of her bed again"

    Ayda even danced for Williams, before joking: "That computer's just hiding his erection."

    OK then.

    Then her husband returned the favour while she rested in bed.

    Spoiler: He was not helping.

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    In fact, Williams was full of jokes, and they acted out him pretending to be the one exhausted.

    "You'll never walk alone"

    Then things got serious. (Kind of.)

    A river runs through it ....

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    Although the singer couldn't help but continue with his jokes as she began to breathe heavily.

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    Seven hours after they first went into the hospital, he posted this.

    "It's ok, I've totally got this"

    And proved just how supportive a husband he really is.

    Then THIS. Yep, as she pushed and had her legs in the air he started to sing a track from Frozen.

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    But despite that, they successfully welcomed a baby boy on Monday afternoon.

    "No Moms Were Harmed" Thank you for sharing the journey with us, we have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy. RW x

    Thank you for the unconventional announcement, guys.

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