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    Rebel Wilson Answers Rapid-Fire Questions

    She spoke to BuzzFeed about her new movie, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, and answered a load of our random questions. Turns out she loves potatoes and pandas.

    London or New York?

    Favourite London hot spot?

    Best place in New York?

    Favourite country?

    Favourite museum?

    Favourite dinosaur?

    "The raptors... you know those evil ones in Jurassic Park? Yeah. Actually I don't know why they're my favourites..."

    Ben Stiller or Owen Wilson?

    Steve Coogan or Ricky Gervais?

    Who was the funniest on set?

    The most annoying?

    If you could be re-born in any era when would it be?

    "Maybe like the late 1800s because I think my body type was, like, really in fashion then."

    Favourite pizza topping?

    Favourite season?

    Favourite animal?

    Favourite vegetable?

    "Vegetables I don't like that much... can you say potato? Is that even a vegetable? Potato turned into fries, chips, to be precise."

    Choose one (from the film): Being slapped by a monkey or peed on by a monkey?

    Would you prefer to be stuck on a red carpet for a million years or in a museum for a million years?

    Would you survive a night at the museum in real life?

    Watch the video, along with extra questions, in full here. <3

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    Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb is out today, 19 December.