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31 Reasons Why Sophie Ellis-Bextor Is Possibly The Most Under Appreciated Pop Star Of All Time

All hail Sophie.

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1. So we currently know her as one of this year's Strictly Come Dancing contestants.

2. But she's actually a bonafide pop star.

3. Okay her mum is Janet Ellis.

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4. Yes, of Blue Peter fame.

5. But when Sophie was a teenager she became the lead singer of a group called theaudience.

6. Which is around the time she developed her love for public transport.

7. It also led her to record a duet with Manic Street Preachers. Because she's awesome.

8. But let's not forget her big break - 2000's "Groovejet". Wasn't it amazing?

9. It was also when she developed even more love for public transport.

10. And it of course beat Victoria Beckham to number one. Now that was a fun chart battle.

11. But she also had hit after hit.

12. Including "Take Me Home".

13. In which she has the best facial expressions.

14. And mesmerising dance moves.

15. But she also led the way before Miley Cyrus.

16. And let's not forget she has a rock star husband in the form of The Feeling's Richard Jones.

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17. And a tattoo to match.

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18. They're the best.


19. She's also bloody gorgeous.

20. Even when covered in hundreds and thousands.

21. And dressed as a vampire.

22. Or in a green atrocity.

23. Although she can genuinely really sing.

25. She's also perfect on Twitter.

27. And public transport.


28. She even cycles through shopping centres. Because she's Sophie Ellis-Bextor. And she can.


29. She's a style queen.

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30. Ruler of the dance floor.

31. And we love her for it. All hail Sophie Ellis-Bextor.