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    54 Pictures That Will Make You Want A Black-And-White Cat Immediately

    Team #BlackAndWhiteCat all the way.

    Recently we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to send us in their best photos of their black-and-white cats to show us why they're so great.

    We had HUNDREDS of responses so we couldn't possibly include them all, but we think you'll agree these prove they're the best kind of cats. Here are just some of the lovely photos that were sent in...

    1. This black-and-white beauty called Oliver.

    2. This excellent pair.

    3. And this fluffball called Oreo proves black-and-white cats are the BEST kinds of cats.

    4. This is Nahla.

    Emily Perry/BuzzFeed

    Submitted by Emily Perry, via email.

    5. And this is Kevin.

    6. And they're all just damn beautiful.

    Submitted by Ellie Bate.

    7. They have amazing features.

    Harriet Slaats/BuzzFeed

    "My cat Sashimi is the most friendly cat I've ever met!"

    Submitted by Harriet Slaats, via email.

    8. And are the cutest that can be.

    9. Especially when toys are around.

    "Callie cuddling her best friend Mr Monkey."

    Submitted by catherineb4b4f94028.

    10. And full of personalities.

    "His name’s Pablo. He’s the love of my life."

    Submitted by SisterPablo.

    11. They have their own sense of style.

    "This is Moostachio or Moose for short!"

    Submitted by courtneyv4d704fbe2


    13. And tuxedo cats are the best at pulling off bow ties, NGL.

    "My little Bandit. He’ll steal your heart then steal your food."

    Submitted by amandataylorw.

    14. I mean, look at them.

    Submitted by Lizzybuz.


    16. 💔

    17. Even when they're in fancy dress they rock it like a boss.

    Submitted by alisonreneer.

    18. They're so great they even get T-shirts made after them.

    Submitted by kellyannej.

    19. They also carry off the greatest of names. Take Doogie Meowser here, for example.

    20. Mr Benedict “Benny” Cumberbatch.

    21. And this is Princess Cleopatra.

    Submitted by haleighbelle.

    22. They all have distinctive markings.

    23. And know how adorable they can be.

    "My cat George! He likes to sleep in the weirdest positions."

    Submitted by liviab44ec134c5.

    24. They're the snuggliest.

    "My snuggle buddy Meelo."

    Submitted by mellinaf3.

    25. And the cutest.

    Submitted by sarafolgar.

    26. Especially when there's even more fur to stroke.

    "My little angel Sheldon! “Little black chin” was what the woman we adopted him from at 8 weeks old called him. <3 He passed away this spring at age 19. I miss him terribly, and I feel an emptiness without him now, but wouldn’t give up our 19 years together for anything in the world, and I know he’s still with me always. <3"

    Submitted by veronicadowney

    27. Even better when there's two of them.

    "Willow Jane, left, and Daisy Mae, right, love each other dearly. Yin and yang in body and soul."

    Submitted by jaimec4faba5185.

    28. 😻

    29. In fact, the more the merrier.

    Submitted by Anthony Tao.

    30. Cosmo knows he's a catch.

    Submitted by AnnabethCase.

    31. They all do.

    Submitted by n_n_nikki.

    32. Because they're the best.

    "Theodore Edmund Clark Kolsky-Schmidt Esquire or Teddy. He came to us as a foster kitten who had been abandoned in the Boise National Forest."

    Submitted by shailas2.

    33. Whether hiding on top of anything they can find.

    Submitted by zoeh45b50ca26.

    34. Or finding a seat in whatever they can.

    35. They'll be in your hearts for years.

    "This is Link. He’s a 13-pound monster, and his legs make a heart. (:"

    Submitted by Ashley Mae.

    36. They're the best to hang out with.

    "This is JT, named after Justin Timberlake because he always has his suit and tie on!"

    Submitted by emmaf48dea1d4d.

    37. Especially when they think they're a watchdog.

    38. And when they look into your eyes.

    39. We have no words.

    Submitted by

    40. If you want a cat, get yourself a black-and-white cat.

    Submitted by beccal18.

    41. You won't regret it.

    Submitted by stacyf3.


    "This is Orpheus. She doesn’t know she has a boys name."

    Submitted by chaffinch4.


    Submitted by irua.


    Submitted by carolina236

    45. Look. At. Them.

    46. Yes, we know ALL cats are the most beautiful things in the world.

    "This is Trash Can or TC for short. He was a stray and used to hang out on the trash can outside my house and one day I found him on the brink of death so he got extensive emergency surgery and has been my pet for almost three years now. He is the sweetest."

    Submitted by ericac48ec833fa.

    47. But today we are talking about our love of black-and-white cats in particular.

    Submitted by jthepeanutcat.

    48. They deserve their own mention.


    50. And for everyone who owns a black-and-white cat, this is for you.

    51. Or for those pining after them.


    53. Look how fun they can be.

    Submitted by m414d62057.

    54. Black-and-white cats, we salute you.

    Submitted by marmitebovril.

    If you sent in photos of your own black-and-white cats, we're sorry. There were just so many! You obviously all love them as much as we do. Please look at the comments of this post for so, so many more beautiful black-and-white cats.

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