9 Famous Faces On The Shoulders Of Ordinary People

Try it. Via Dan Rubin.

1. Welcome to “Phonies”.

2. A new photo craze which is a take on the traditional selfie.

3. They portray famous faces on the shoulders of members of the public.

4. Social media photographer Dan Rubin coined the phrase.

5. And has a number of the images on his tumblr page.

6. Each picture shows a member of the public holding up a phone to make themselves look like a famous person.

7. And is a tribute to celebrities’ love of taking their own selfies.

8. Dan says of the Phonies: “Selfies have become ingrained in popular culture so I started thinking about images that could take the humble selfie to a different level.”

He added: “I liked the idea of using a few celebrities known for shooting selfies and merging them with street photography-style portrait shots.”

9. The photographer took a while to find the perfect person to portray each celebrity.

He explains: “It was a challenge finding subjects that matched the faces and it took rather a long time but I’m happy with the results.”

10. And he’s very happy with the results.

“The reaction has been great – I love the humour of the shots, it’s candid and a bit tongue and cheek, and gently pokes fun at the selfie-obsessed celebs that we all love to follow.”

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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