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    I Challenge All "Game Of Thrones" Fans To Get Through This Post Without Buying Something

    Lots of spending is coming.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This doorstop that will make them laugh and sob in equal measure.

    CoveCalligraphy / Via

    Get it from CoveCalligraphy for £13.65. You can even get it personalised with your own message on the other side.

    2. This adorable Lego picture for the khaleesi in your life.

    ScorpionGifts / Via

    Get it from Scorpion Gifts for £15.

    3. This intricate map of Westeros for your loved one to stare at daily.

    ConsiderGraphics / Via

    Get it from ConsiderGraphics from £22.49 depending on what size you go for.

    4. For those who love their tipples as much as Tyrion, this whiskey decanter set.

    WoodZONEShop / Via

    They can be personalised, and you can choose to just have the decanter or match it with various glasses and gift boxes. Get it from WoodZONEShop, starting at £20.95.

    5. Or why not personalise a mug to their tastes?

    Pressiexpress / Via

    You can choose which sigil and name you put on it, as well as the type of mug you want. Get it from Pressiexpress from £6.99.

    6. For the Jon to your Ygritte, try these framed mini figurines.


    Get it from SWEETINDIGO for £26.

    7. Who doesn't love pizza and Game of Thrones? Get them this pizza board to enjoy on show nights.

    TatraCottage / Via

    Get it from TatraCottage for £32.50.

    8. In fact, there's plenty for the culinary lover in your life. Try this pun-tastic chef's apron.

    TheFanDen / Via

    Get it from TheFanDen for £13.49.

    9. And this cheese platter dish, perfect for dinner parties.

    GotWoodukStore / Via

    Get it from GotWoodukStore for £8.09.

    10. Or, for the Arya fans among us, this cute and subtle pin.

    GirlandCatStudio / Via

    Get it from GirlandCatStudio for £4.90.

    11. This egg cup would be perfect for Daenerys fans who like their boiled eggs to be served in something fancy.

    Wouldlice / Via

    Get it from Wouldlice for £6.

    12. And stationary lovers will die for this engraved pencil set.

    LosersInk / Via

    Get them from LosersInk for £3.82.

    13. It's Christmas, so socks are a necessity. Try these ones and pick their favourite house.

    IfTheSockFitz / Via

    Get them from IfTheSockFitz for £10.36.

    14. For those with little ones in their lives, why not personalise this adorable baby suit?

    Sinclara / Via

    It's from Sinclara for £12.99.

    15. Does your loved one have a special place in their heart for Hodor? Get them this lovely pin badge.

    EZPins / Via

    Get it from EZPins for £5.

    16. And this bottle would be great around the house, especially for those who love a Tyrion quote.

    ThePoshGoat / Via

    Get it from ThePoshGoat for £9.95.

    17. Is their wall crying out for some art? This print is atmospheric and perfect.

    LawandMoore / Via

    You can get it from LawandMoore from £9 for A4 size.

    18. For any book lovers, you could get them this glowing bookmark.

    BijouxMalou / Via

    Get it from BijouxMalou for £9.90.

    19. Or to get them in the mood for Christmas, why not treat them to a winter candle like this?

    QuackerCandle / Via

    Get it from QuackerCandle for £9.49.

    20. If it's Tormund or The Hound who actually captured their hearts, then these badges will be more up their street.

    NutmegandArlo / Via

    Get them from NutmegandArlo for £6 each.

    21. And don't forget to send a festive card to the Game of Thrones fan in your life, as well.

    TheOneCreativeBird / Via

    Get them both from TheOneCreativeBird for £3.10 each.