Paul Rudd's Son Had A Hilariously Cutting Reaction When He Heard About His Dad Playing Ant-Man

    Just say what you really think, Jack.

    Here's Paul Rudd in character as Marvel's Ant-Man.

    And here he is with his 9-year-old son Jack who, quite frankly, couldn't care less that his Dad plays the superhero on screen.

    In an interview with ET, Rudd revealed his son's hilarious response when he found out about the role.

    "I told my son I was going to be a superhero. He asked, 'who?' and I said 'Ant-Man'. He said 'what?' He was not that impressed... What he actually said was 'wow I can't wait to see how stupid that'll be'."

    Paul, your son just totally owned you.

    Watch the video in full here.

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