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"Outlander" Stars Sam Heughan And Caitriona Balfe Reveal Just How Well They Know Each Other

"We're not doing very well, are we?" "No, we suck." "It's because we're not newlyweds any more."

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So BuzzFeed decided to meet up with them and play a game to see how well they actually know each other. Here's what went down.


Sam wrote, "Me eating all her food." Caitriona wrote, "Waiting for Sam."

Caitriona: [Laughs] Well, where do we start?

Sam: [Looks at Caitriona's answer] Oh that's true. Yeah, I forgot about that one. I got it wrong.

Caitriona: Or that too.

Sam: Yeah, it was a close second. [Hands her his sheet of paper] You can keep that. It's a picture of you. Self-portrait.

Caitriona: [Laughs] Thanks, babe.

Score: 0.

Sam wrote, "An incident with some dogs." Caitriona wrote, "Fighting all night in Bathgate."

Sam: [while thinking] We're really boring, aren't we?

Caitriona: [joking] No, there's just so many crazy things that happen. Which one is most crazy?

Sam: It's just so crazy.

[Turns paper around]

Caitriona: [looking at Sam's answer] Oh yeah, that one was crazy.

Sam: [looking at Caitriona's] Oh that was crazy, I should have written that one! We were fighting all night. Graham McTavish [who plays Dougal Mackenzie] was in some crazy (fight)...

BuzzFeed: Presumably in character, not actually fighting...

Caitriona: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Score: 0.


Sam wrote, "Laphroaig Whisky. (No 'E')." Caitriona wrote: "Whiskey." (With a sticking-out tongue picture).

Sam: No E!

Caitriona: [scribbles out E] Is there an E in Irish whiskey or can I just not spell?

Sam: There's an E in Irish whiskey.

Caitriona: Oh, OK. [giggles]

Sam: [looking at Caitriona's accompanying picture] What is that? Is that a tongue?

Caitriona: Yeah, whiskey. [pulls drunk face]

Score: 1! (We think they meant the same, just spelt differently. Either that or we're just too soft.)


Sam wrote, "A beautiful singing voice. (Season 1, Ep 14). Caitriona wrote, "I can cook!"

[Lots of giggling]

Caitriona: I don't think I have any.

Sam: Your beautiful singing voice.

Caitriona: I do not. That's such a lie!

Sam: She does. She sings a lot on set. [Looks at her answer] You can cook... can you? [Cheeky grin]

Caitriona: Shut up, I've cooked for you before.

Sam: Yeah, she's a really good cook.

Score: 0.


Sam wrote, "Giraffe." Caitriona wrote, "Meercat."

Sam: Oh wow. Oh don't say Labrador or something like that. That would be really upsetting. Like a lion or something.

Sam: [As he's drawing] Oh, this is a terrible drawing.

Caitriona: [Bursts out laughing] What is that supposed to be?! Oh... I know what that is. That's not bad, that's OK.

[Turns answers over]

Sam: Oh, I like the meerkat! That's quite good.

[Both proceed to do hilariously cute meerkat impressions.]

Score: 0.

Sam wrote: "Sushi." Caitriona wrote: "Avocado."

Caitriona: All of it.

Sam: She loves all the food.

[They show each other their answers]

Sam: Oh, I was going to do that one! But I couldn't work out how to draw it.

[Both laugh]

Score: 0.


Sam wrote, "Nothing. (Maybe Ronan Keating)." Caitriona wrote, "None. Won't sing in public."

Caitriona: Urgh, I just saw what you added on to that.

Sam: It is nothing. But if I had to there is only one song that I had to learn at drama school.

Caitriona: [In disgust] Ronan Keating? What? Maybe it's a good thing Sam doesn't do karaoke. The world is a better place for one less Ronan Keating song.

Sam: No, I would rather not subject anyone to that ever again.

Caitriona: Wait, what song is it?

Sam: "When You Say Nothing at All."

[Caitriona tries to get him to sing it but he refuses :(]

Score: 1. We gave them a point as they did both mainly say nothing as their answer.

Sam wrote, "The F bomb..." Caitriona wrote, "F!*k."

Score: 1.


We then asked the same for Sam – what word or phrase does he overuse?

Caitriona wrote, "Oh just 'go to bed'."

Sam: [Laughing, after realising what he was doing] Oh, yeah. This is a bonus round! You can show it.

Score: 0!


Sam wrote, "Eating. Reading. Talking!!! (A lot)." Caitriona wrote, "Drinking coffee and eating all the food."

[They nod at each other in agreement.]

Score: Close enough, we'll give them 1.

Final score: 4 out of 10.

But we learnt a lot about them along the way and you could tell what great friends they were anyway!

Outlander Series 2 streams in the UK on Amazon Prime Video from Sunday April 10th.