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Nathan Sykes Plays A Game Of "Never Have I Ever"

In which we learn about drunk-texting exes and his paranormal experiences.

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You may know him as one-fifth of boy band The Wanted, but it's about time you paid attention to Nathan Sykes' solo career. The 22-year-old is preparing to release his debut solo album following the band's hiatus last year. And this week he releases his new single, "Over and Over Again". So to celebrate he stopped by BuzzFeed's London office to play a cheeky game of Never Have I Ever. Read on to see all of his confessions.

Jumped out of a plane or gone skydiving.

Nathan Sykes: Nope. Never have I ever jumped out of a plane or gone skydiving.

Finished a family-size serving of junk food in one sitting.


Nathan: Of course.

Used a selfie stick.

Nathan: I really struggle. I think I've done it once. Maybe.

It's always when they're like, "Can you take this picture for me?" And they get out their selfie stick and I'm like, "Oh no, this is where I break it and then I drop their phone." I dropped someone's phone the other day. It was on the floor and I was like, "Please say it hasn't smashed" and I looked at it and was like, "Thank god!"

Had a paranormal experience.


Nathan: Yes! I've had some really creepy moments. Like when I was first in the band [The Wanted], obviously all the guys would go out and socialise and I was never old enough because I was 16. So I'd be sat at home doing school work and studying for my A-levels and I'd always make sure I go round and shut all the doors and windows.

Anyway, one night I sat there watching Match of the Day and I look up and the door literally SLAMS and I was like, "Wow, that's freaky." And I was looking around and there was no windows open or anything like that, there was no wind and it was really creepy. Then that night I woke up and there was definitely something creepy. It was really weird.

Streaked or gone skinny-dipping.

Nathan: I'm a good boy when it comes to that stuff. I'm quite self-conscious with nakedness.

Cancelled on a date last-minute because you wanted to stay in and relax.


Nathan: I'm a gentleman, I'd never do that. To be fair, I don't really date. I'm always friends with people first before I date them. So I don't really date people.

Forgotten the lyrics to a song while onstage.

Nathan: Hahahaha! It was when I sang with Meghan Trainor. I was filling in for John Legend, which is really cool, and I was sitting at the side of the stage and I turned round to my tour manager and went, "What are the words? No seriously, what are the words to the second verse?"

So we googled the lyrics as the chorus was going through and as she was going "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome..." the page loads and I'm like, scrolling through, and as soon as I saw the first two words I was like, "That's it!"

Walked down the street wearing your headphones and pretended you’re in a movie.


Nathan: It's just a really funny thought. It's always in the car. Especially with one of my favourite songs on the radio and I've got the window wound down and I'll just be like *closes his eyes and starts dancing* doing like the full routine. And then I'll be stuck in traffic and people will laugh. Don't care, judge me, I don't mind.

Drunk-texted an ex.

Nathan: We've all done it. And it was mostly because I was texting the wrong person. *laughs*

Befriended a fan.


Nathan: Yeah, of course! Fans are brilliant. Especially the ones that you see quite often you just talk to them like they're your mates. You go, "How's your day going? How was work?" It's great. And you ask them how school is and stuff like that. I like to be really close with my fans.

Gone three days without showering.

Nathan: That's disgusting. Sorry.

Stalked a crush on Instagram and accidentally double-tapped their picture.


Nathan: *giggles a lot* I do it all the time! I do it on Twitter as well. I'll accidentally like their post.

Used someone else’s toothbrush without telling them.

Nathan: That's disgusting. That's vile. Who would do that?

Told someone you cooked food when you really ordered takeout.

Nathan: I don't think I have because everyone knows I'm a terrible cook. So I'd say no way.

Had a drink thrown in your face.

Nathan: No, but I have thrown a drink in someone else's face.

It was part of a joke! You know when you go to do it and it accidentally happens? "I didn't mean that to happen, I'm sorry."

Sneaked into a “no trespassing” area.

Googled myself.

Nathan: Yeah! You've got to know what people are saying about you.

Nathan Sykes’ new single ,"Over and Over Again", is out NOW. You can watch the video for it here. Go get it. :)