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    Nadine Coyle Is Back With Jason Bell, Admits He's Her Baby Daddy

    The Girls Aloud star had kept quiet about the father of her unborn child up until now. Turns out it's her ex.

    Back in August Nadine Coyle, of Girls Aloud fame, revealed she was pregnant on her Instagram page.

    And got us all excited when she started posting pictures of her baby's wardrobe.

    But all we wanted to know was WHO IS THE BABY DADDY?!

    And today she finally revealed the father is her ex Jason Bell. And even better - they're back together.

    "I think we just forgot to tell everyone we were together," Nadine explains. "When I said I was pregnant I thought, 'Why's everyone wondering who it is? Then I remembered, 'Oh yes, that's right. I do stuff on TV and people are confused.' So this clears it up!"

    Remember him? She started dating the former American football player back in 2008.


    Then they got engaged and became one adorable couple.


    But then they split up in 2011 and we didn't think we'd ever see them together again.

    But now they've got their happy ending.

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