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13 Celebrity Cookbooks That Are Actually Really Damn Good

All the famous faces who really can cook.

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1. Stanley Tucci, The Tucci Cookbook and The Tucci Table

"Stanley Tucci's cookbooks are excellent. You definitely need some decent cooking skills for the recipes, but it's good stuff." –Samantha Hoover, Facebook

"Stanley Tucci actually has two cookbooks and they are both fantastic (and really pretty)! The Tucci Table and The Tucci Cookbook." –Courtney L

"The Tucci Cookbook – discovered it in my final year of high school. Favourite recipe was uova ul pomodoro." –allegrachloe4

Get The Tucci Table on Amazon, £19.99

Get The Tucci Cookbook on Amazon, £6.99

"Freddie Prinze Jr.!!! I bought his cookbook and actually have cooked from it. His recipes have fun twists and he shares helpful techniques. The recipes aren't overly difficult or expensive. He provides stories from his childhood which explain how his journey in the kitchen began. And of course, Sarah Michelle Geller wrote the foreword. It's really a sweet and charming book that produces delicious foods!" –Amanda Ayres, Facebook

Get it on Amazon, £19.61

3. Chrissy Teigen, Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat

"Chrissy’s Cravings is hands down the best cookbook I own. Literally everything I’ve made from it is next-level amazing! The instructions aren’t difficult to follow, the ingredients can be found at most grocery stores, and it is so much fun to read (the pictures are really beautiful too)! Cravings is absolutely the perfect cookbook for other beginners and experienced cooks." –emilyalisabeth

"It’s not only full of amazing recipes, beautiful food photos (along with photos of her and John), and helpful tips, it’s also funny as all hell! I love reading all the stories before the recipes because I feel like she’s just having a conversation with all of us." –lorenf4e9798c06

"Nothing has any crazy ingredients that you have to go five different specialty grocery stores to find. In fact, if you cook regularly you probably already have everything in your pantry/fridge. The food is delicious, relatively simple, and genuinely the things you crave. Some favorites of ours have been the honey butter chicken wings, blue cheese and honey balsamic Brussels sprouts, parmesan skillet eggs (a brunch HIT with our friends), and lettuce wraps (beat the pants off P.F. Chang's). Plus, each recipe has a delightfully hilarious anecdote from Chrissy, which, if you're a big fan of hers like me, you'll definitely enjoy and relate to." –Molly McCormack, Facebook

Get it on Amazon, £20.78


8. Alton Brown, Good Eats series

"Alton Brown's Good Eats series! It's like a book/cookbook because it tells you more than just recipes but the history of dishes and why to do certain things and why not!" –Elouise Isabel Achilli, Facebook

Get Good Eats 3 on Amazon, £22.99

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