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Here’s A Video Featuring Heidi Klum And Pedro Pascal Playing Lovers Scored To Sia

It's pretty badass.

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Take one badass Game Of Thrones actor. (Hi Pedro Pascal/Oberyn Martell.)


Add one super hot model. (Hellooo Heidi Klum.)

Tresor TV

And mix with songstress Sia's music.

Getty Images for NARAS Larry Busacca

What do you get?

One scorching hot new video for Heidi Klum's lingerie brand Intimates is what.

Quite literally 🔥

The video is set to Sia's song "Fire Meet Gasoline" where Heidi and Pedro play a perfect couple, just hanging out, rolling around on grass, as you do.

Things get pretty ~intimate~. Which is pretty fine by us.

Some stroking goes on.

As well as some licking. Yes, Heidi Klum licking Oberyn Martell.

Things go a little bit Game Of Thrones.

Then Sia's wig of course makes an appearance.

Watch the video in full here.

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