31 Times Maisie Williams And Sophie Turner Made Us Want To Be In Their Squad

    MOPHIE for life.

    1. While most things surrounding Game of Thrones are pretty uncertain, one thing's for sure – Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark) and Sophie Turner (aka Sansa Stark) are the actual best of friends IRL.

    2. From day one they've been inseparable.

    3. And we are SO thankful for it.

    4. They've even given themselves a joint name, they're so close.

    Plus Mophie has an excellent ring to it.

    5. And everything about it is glorious.

    6. Especially when they're in silly mode together.

    7. But also when they party together.

    8. Which happens a lot.

    9. Whether at London clubs.

    10. Or in a muddy field at Glastonbury.

    11. They're always excited to see each other.

    12. And any friends who greet each other with boob grabs are the absolute best of friends.

    13. They bring the best out in each other at photo shoots.

    14. Whether on their own or with the rest of the cast.

    15. Everyone else wants to be around them too.

    16. Because they're Mophie.

    17. Who want the same for Game of Thrones that we do.

    18. They enjoy road trips together.

    19. And travel together always, no matter the means of transport.

    20. They're also epic on Vine together.


    21. And need to do it more.


    22. Like this gem from 2013.


    23. They're cute together.

    24. And funny together.

    26. But it was always going to be this way, from the very moment they first met each other.

    27. BFFs from the beginning.

    28. Because they have the same sense of humour.

    29. And the same fun attitude.

    30. But mainly they just love being around each other.

    31. #Mophie forever.

    You guys. 💖 💖 💖