11 Ways "Me Before You" Was Changed From The Book

    Writer Jojo Moyes talks BuzzFeed through all the changes that had to be made to adapt the novel to film. Big spoilers ahead!!

    On Friday Me Before You, the highly anticipated book adaptation, hit cinema screens. Fans of Jojo Moyes' novel will be pleased to see how exceptionally close the film version is to the book: Yes, the red dress moment is there, as is the bee tights moment, and the characters couldn't have been closer to how book readers would imagine them.

    But, as with all adaptations, not everything could stay exactly the same. Partly "because otherwise it would be a six-hour film", Moyes said, and partly due to some details translating differently on screen. The author talked BuzzFeed through some of the changes that were made and why.

    1. The big maze scene/sexual attack subplot doesn't exist in the film.

    2. Stephen Traynor's affair is cut out.

    3. In fact, Will's parents come across as a pretty strong couple in the movie version.

    4. Will doesn't have a sister.

    5. Louisa and Patrick haven't got as serious and they don't move in together in the movie.

    6. And Louisa doesn't move into the Traynors' house.

    7. Patrick doesn't tell the press about Will's plans to go through with an assisted suicide.

    8. The perspectives of other characters aren't given in the film.

    9. Louisa doesn't join a chat room or research the right-to-die issues as much.

    10. Will and Louisa don't get matching tattoos.

    Although Emilia Clarke, who plays Louisa, was so moved by the experience she did get one in real life (see above).

    In the book Will encourages Louisa to live a little and the pair both get impromptu inkings. The book reads: "'I always quite fancied a tattoo,’ I said. I should have known afterwards that you couldn’t just say stuff like that in Will’s presence. He didn’t do small talk, or shooting the breeze. He immediately wanted to know why I hadn’t had one."

    But this was another small detail cut out of the film due to keeping it as concise as possible.

    11. Louisa doesn't say the l-word in the film, like she does in the book.