21 Mary Berry Reactions For Everyday Situations

    Great British Face Off.

    1. When you're way too hungover to be at work.

    2. When you spot your crush and you try to be sexy.

    3. When you see someone wearing Crocs.

    4. When someone offers you the last slice of pizza.

    5. When you're three years deep into your crush's Facebook photos and accidentally like a picture.

    6. When bae shows you how big it is and you're pleasantly surprised.

    7. When someone ruins your favourite TV show by giving you a spoiler just before you've watched that episode.

    8. When someone farts in the room and you're pretending not to notice.

    9. When someone tries to mansplain to you.

    10. When someone goes overboard with TMI on your Facebook timeline.

    11. When your friend tells you a really juicy piece of gossip.

    12. When someone makes a joke and you don't quite get it.

    13. When you find out you've finally paid off your student loan.

    14. When someone says they didn't see your WhatsApp message but you can see they're online.

    15. When someone's being the centre of attention at a party and you're trying to be cool with it.

    16. When someone speaks really fast and you haven't got a clue what they're actually saying.

    17. When you set high life standards and you're not impressed with your lot.

    18. When you desperately want a piece of chocolate but you're on a diet so you start sniffing it instead.

    19. When you can't keep a straight face when your friend falls over in public.

    20. When you catch sight of yourself in a mirror the morning after a heavy night.

    21. When you want another gin but you've run the cupboards dry.