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Lorde Just Performed An Amazingly Beautiful Tribute To David Bowie At The Brit Awards

It was alongside Bowie's former tour band and he was given a posthumous trophy.

Lorde gave the most beautiful tribute to David Bowie at Wednesday night's Brit Awards, by performing a rendition of his hit track "Life on Mars".

First, Annie Lennox came on stage to pay tribute to the late singing legend, who passed away last month. Then his friend, actor Gary Oldman, came on stage to give a moving speech.

“He was the very definition, the living embodiment of that singular word; icon." - Gary Oldman

But it was when Lorde came on stage alongside Bowie's former tour band that things got truly emotional.

The band played an instrumental medley of his songs before Lorde walked out on stage.

It was pretty epic stuff.

such an honour getting to perform #BRITs2016 paying tribute to my hero

i was so nervous in the wings, and then i whispered to myself "just sing it to david", and nothing else mattered

Watch the beautiful rendition here.

View this video on YouTube

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